Old Testament Part 2

Hebrew poetry is most similar to poetry written in:

The following quote of Hebrew poetry is an example of what common characteristic. “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”
Synonymous Parallelism

The following statement is best summarized in which of the following poetic books. Principles for Living.

The following statement is best summarized in which of the following poetic books.

Why bad things happen to good people


The following statement is best summarized in which of the following poetic books. What is the meaning of life?

Which book is not considered by modern scholars to be wisdom literature in its entirety?

Who are the most frequently found characters in Egyptian wisdom literature?
Father and Sons

Where was most of the ancient Near Eastern wisdom literature written?

What part of the Book of Job creates a literary framework?

Which part of the Book of Job is written in prose?
Chapter 2

Who began the first cycle of speeches in Job 4?

Whose speech set the stage for God to speak?

Who is the author of the largest number of the psalms?

Which psalm did David write after Nathan confronted him about his sin with Bathsheba?
Psalm 51

It is thought that Psalm 90 was written by:

How has it been possible to identify the divisions in the Book of Psalms?
The last verse of each section is written in a distinctive style

“O Lord our Lord how excellent is thy name in all the earth! Who hast set thy glory above the heavens” is a verse from a psalm that would be classified as:

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good” (Ps 14:1) is an example of a:
Wisdom Psalm

What is the name for a psalm that calls for God’s judgment on the enemy?

What is the basic contribution of the Book of Proverbs?
It provides advice on how to live

The wisdom literature of the Book of Proverbs is most parallel to the wisdom literature of ancient

A life of folly can be avoided if the young person will:
Listen to his parents’ instruction

In which chapter of the Book of Proverbs do we find the pinnacle of the Bible’s view of wisdom?

What do the proverbs identify as the enemy of wisdom?

What is emphasized the most in the wisdom of the Book of Proverbs?

One chapter Solomon wrote in the Book of Proverbs

The major theme of the Book of Ecclesiastes:
Life without God at the center is meaningless

Ecclesiastes contains all literary types except:

The teacher’s philosophy in Ecclesiastes:
Man should eat, drink, and be satisfied with his work

The conclusion reached by Qohelet in Ecclesiastes is that man’s only good in life should be to:
Live in relationship with God

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