Old Testament Survey Quiz: Poetic Books

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Last updated: December 15, 2019
Importance of Old Testament
• 1/3 is in poetic form• It can be found in all but 5 books

Purpose of Poetry

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Facilitate retention 2. Express beauty, emotion, and worship

Wisdom Books
Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes

Hymnic Books
1. Psalm2. Song of Solomon

Styles of Poetry
1. Lyrical (Psalm): normally accompanied by music2. Didactic (Proverbs, Ecclesiastics): intended to teach life principles3. Dramatic (Job, Song): mainly dialogue

Hebrew Poetry

Not on rhyme of sound but of ideas2. Parallelism: the Art of rhyming ideas by placing them side by side.

Types of Hebrew Poetry
1. Synonymous: repeats idea2. Antithetical: expresses the opposite idea3. Synthetic: develops the idea4. Emblematic: applies the imagery5. Climatic: repeats the idea then completes it

Alphabetic Acrostic
Lines or paragraphs are arranged to start with successive letters.

• Psalm 119 is the longest

1. Wisdom to understand the purpose of life’s trials 2. Main Question: If God is love, why do the Godly suffer? — God’s sovereignly uses suffering to…

A. Cultivate HumilityB. Test usC. Correct our perspective D. DisciplineE. Preparing us for blessing and ministry to others• Possibly the oldest book of the bible• Contains most vivid creation account in the Bible

Job: 7 Several Details of Satan

Currently had access to God’s presence2. Not omnipresent3. Not omnipotent but subject to God’s sovereign purposes4.

Hates God’s people5. Falsely accuses God’s people6. Able to afflict God’s people but only under His permission

Psalm (Praise and Worship)
• Israel’s hymnal and prayer bookA. Express emotional aspect of relationship with GodB. Expresses Israel’s longing for the coming Messiah• Divides people into groups: righteous and wicked• Divided into 5 books – The Pentateuch for Israel

Types of Psalms
1. Lament: Request for God’s help2. Thanksgiving: thanks for God’s blessing3.

Praise: admiration of God’s greatness4. Imprecatory: calls for God’s judgment 5. Messianic: description of God’s son• Saleh = Pause (musical or silent interlude 71x)• The Egyptian Hallel — Used during the Passover feast

Proverbs (Wisdom for Living)
• “Wisdom” = the ability to live one’s life from a divine perspective• Wisdom to achieve maturity and personal discipline• Describing the way God usually works• Highlights folly of taking the easy road and yielding to fleshly passions

Proverbs In Contrast to Psalm
• Psalm: our walk with God. Addresses to God. Worship.Proverbs: our walk with men.

Addressed to people. Daily life.

Proverbs Distinctives
• A collection of work of Israel’s sages (wise men)• An acrostic built on the Hebrew Alphabet

Psalm: 3 Groups Communicated God’s Message
1. Priest: the Law2. Prophets: divine revelation 3. Sages: practical application

Ecclesiastes: (Futility of life apart from God)
• Wisdom to discover the true meaning of life • The end of Solomon’s life• Show experience that life apart from God is futile!• Key word: “vanity” = empty and futile • Life makes sense when we live it God’s way • He was created for eternal things

Song of Solomon
• Solomon’s one true love• The MOST poetic book of all• Very explicit: Jews under 30 were not permitted to read it

Ecclesiastes: Philosophies of Life
1. Fatalism: all is predetermined and can’t be changed!2. Humanism: Man is the center of everything 3.

Hedonism: pleasure is the ultimate purpose of life4. Naturalism: fulfillment is found in nature

Song of Solomon: Purposes
1. Delights of marriage as a gift from God2. Urge young people to guard their virginity3. Illustrate God’s profound love for His people

Song of Solomon: Two Elements of True Love
1. Tenderness: a seal over your heart. Emotion/Romance2.

Tenacity: a seal on your arm. Commitment

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