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>I would not categorize the play as a comedy, obviously, but it would be hard to call it a tragedy too. If John is the protagonist than Carol would have to be the antagonist, however the events of the play switch so suddenly that at the end of the story I began to think that maybe Carol was the protagonist all along. Considering all that we are getting here is dialogue and not the thoughts of each character or the way they are speaking, it is hard for us to completely trust either one of the characters.The set-up of a play is more life-like, in real life we do not get to read how they are feeling we must take everything at face value. There are three key moments that happen throughout the play, each one belonging to it’s respective act. The first being when John tells Carol that they can break the rules when it comes to her grade. Regardless of whether or not this was an innocent request or even favor on John’s part, it shows that John is not as professional and willing to bend the rules.The second moment I felt that was important was in the second act on the second page, his is when Carol starts to speak as if she is more educated or intelligent than she was originally letting off in the first act.

At this point, the credibility of both characters have been shattered. John is no longer a professional teacher about to come into his tenure because of his willingness to break the rules for a (female) student; Carol who had initially appeared as less intelligent has now brought her professor into a situation where any word he says can be turned around to mean something else and he keeps speaking of a group that she has Joined.The third moment is obviously the last few lines or minutes of the play where Carol finally comes out and says what the reader has been suspecting she would say all along; the professor tried to rape her.

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After those lines are spoken, the professor loses all control. The professor is at risk of losing his tenure, his house, and his wife. The entire play is set in the professor’s office which only tells us of what goes on in that office. There is so many other questions of what is happening outside the office that lead to the intensity of the play.I wonder if there has been any interaction between the two characters out of the office after that initial meeting and what kind of group Carol has Joined and keeps mentioning. The reader or audience only knows the characters as how they appear in the office, obviously they have lives and personalities besides the ones that are being presented before us but that is Just the workings of a play opposed to reading a story.

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