OLIVIA friends I had met. Besides the experience of

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OLIVIA GOMEZ5TH HOUR1/10/18                                                                                                 M.I.N.

T. SBy the time, I was growing up I was three to four years old and I was living with my grandma in Mexico. She’s the nicest old lady that knows how to cook. Yes, I did know who my parents were. My mom and dad were here in the united states with my older brother and sister who were in the age of seven to ten years old at the time.  My parents had been living in the United States since they were 13 years old and my parents used to tell my grandma to let me go to the USA. I never wanted to because of jealousy and the attention my older brother and sister would get.

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One day I decided to go. Staying with my parents was one of the greatest experience in my life although I missed my grandma so much. Besides all that learning a new language, I made new friends.

When I arrived there, I got very excited. First, I was excited because it was my first time in a place that was a different language, and second because I was going to live something new in my life. On the other hand, learning English wasn’t an easy process because my mom used to speak Spanish to me.

My dad and aunt taught me English. By the time, I had to go to school and I was learning everything I needed to learn. I would stay twice a week after school with some students to get help.

My experience of learning English was very hard and complicated because I would talk English and I would add Spanish words to the sentence, up to this day I still do. From that period until the end of the school year of kindergarten, I learned the English with family and friends my sister had, plus the new friends I had met. Besides the experience of studying a new language, making new friends was the best aspect of living abroad. My parents would take me out to places to get comfortable and know everything. Around the house, I would only hear them speaking English and they would talk to me in English knowing I didn’t know but by the time I knew what they were saying. I would communicate with them.

I learned English in one full year from reading, writing, counting, and speaking.

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