On a project. Agile methodologies encourage collaboration and

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Last updated: May 23, 2019

On behalfof Virginia Tobaccos and Bill VanArnam, the proposition to introduce agileproject management methodologies into the Human Resources department isfeasible.

As the Human Resources Steering Committee, I ask that you seriouslyconsider incorporating Agile Project Management into future Human Resourceprojects.PurposeThepurpose of moving from a traditional project management approach to an agileproject management approach is to impact the overall results and success ratesof a project. Agile methodologies encourage collaboration and communicationwith the customer allowing a flexible understanding of the desired end-product.

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Agile methodologies allow the flow of a project to become more precise, anddefinitive through the acknowledgment of team collaboration. It is in our favorto operate projects using an Agile approach, because HR has uncomplicatedaccess to cooperate and communicate with it end customers, the company andemployees. Agile vs Non-AgileItis proven that organizations using agile project management successfullycomplete more of their strategic initiatives than organizations who use atraditional project management approach.Agilemethodologies do not only enhance the process of a project, but the outcomes awell. An organization using Agile methodologies generate revenue 37% faster andgenerate 30% high profits than non-agile organizations.

Future HumanResource ProjectsHuman Resources can incorporate agilemethods in projects such as Operational Reviews, Compensation Reviews, Revampof Recruiting Processes, Employee Training, and creating Team Buildinginitiatives. By using a more empirical control method, we can make decisionsbased on realities observed in the actual project. Empirical control allowsmore flexibility and understanding than completing a step by step guide. Higherproject agility results in higher project transparency, adaptation, and allowsfrequent inspection for those invested. By using frequent and firsthandinspection you can make immediate adjustments if necessary, something atraditional approach limits.


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