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Last updated: June 12, 2019

On September 22, 2015, Basil Borutski killed three women by names of Nathalie Warmerdam, Anastasia Kuzyk and Carol Culleton. Basil had previously been in some sort of relationship with each of the women and two of them, Nathalie Warmerdam and Anastasia Kuzyk, suffered domestic violence by his hand. Aforementioned the Basil Borutski case tied together many areas of law, students are able to scrutinize the police, think about the key question and learn about a current and extremely relevant topic at the same time. There were three main areas where the case could tie into different units.

Basil Borutski murdered three women, tying it into the homicide unit. When he was charged he got three consecutive sentences for murder. This would fall into the History of Law unit because students would be able to look at why and how the justice system has advanced to now allow consecutive sentences. However, it would also allow students to question whether or not this case could or should fall into the NCR category. In Basil Borutski’s interrogation, he kept painting himself as the victim and also said that the women deserved what they got because of what they did to him. Then later stated that he would take what he did to them back if he could.

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No one knows for sure what was going through his head, but there are a lot of things that would beg the questions ‘Could his defense have been NCR?’ Even if the answer to this question was no, it is still a very good conversation starter. One in every three women will experience domestic violence at some point in their life, and for years the Canadian government and the police force have been trying to stop it. So if the police are trying so hard to stop domestic violence why did they wait until three innocent women were killed before seeing him as a high-risk criminal. Students watching and learning about this case will be able to analyze and question the way the court system works.

They can see obvious signs about this man that, at the time, the police did not pick up on. For example, the police did nothing after Basil Borutski’s wife of twenty-six years filed four complaints, and numerous amounts of women filed abuse claims against him. They can really have a chance to think about the way in which the police and justice system fail to protect us and it will make them think about what they know and what they think they know about the court system.

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