Once such as earth were unknown to man.

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Once upon a time there was a village on the planet mars, and other planets such as earth were unknown to man. An alien species named Pawbo were the leaders of the planet since their species were the only ones with magical powers. One oddly dark and dreary evening there was an argument between an alien and his pet human inside one of the largest craters on the planet. The alien said, “I own you and you have to do as I say” the disgruntled human disgusted at his remark said, “All of your kind treat us like dirt why should I listen to you!” Upon the human saying this the alien let out a sound that could only be described as ear piercing was heard throughout the planet. The police force heard the outraged aliens cry, and rapidly stormed the crater to create a force to split the opposing rivals but the energy blast that the alien released on his human was too strong! The human flew as if coming from a slingshot into space, and headed straight for the mysterious planet called earth. With a explosive “boom!” he collapsed into the earth. On mars, chaos encompassed the planet, and the two species waged war on each other.

The humans were losing, so to escape the aliens the remaining humans piled into their flying cars and flew to earth leaving behind the villainous alien race. As soon as the humans landed they felt a force dragging them towards the ground, and noticed they couldn’t glide through the air anymore and everything that they tossed up, always came back down! All the humans then began their new lives harvesting the plants of the earth. The plant they grew fond of was big orange, and round.

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The humans called it a pumpkin, and started planting them by the hundreds. The plant they called the pumpkin grew so popular that the humans wanted to live near the plant. After years of trial and error the humans learned how to build buildings out of the resources they had. It started as a town hall, but in a few short years the town hall expanded into a city that based their livelihood on pumpkins.

One human said, “Our city needs a name” so the humans together decided that the city’s name should be Morton which was name of the human that was slammed into the earth by his outraged alien.

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