Once you are in shock under unknown conditions:

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Once you have been diagnosed with lung cancer, you are in shock under unknown conditions: Even the familiar word “cancer” is often translated as “cancer” more scientifically when it comes to your healthcare team. As treatment progresses, the terminology becomes more complex. Here are some useful terms for understanding the progression of unwanted lung cancer (NSCLC).1. AdenocarcinomaOne of the three major subtypes of non-small cell lung cancer, adenocarcinoma and tumors that any increase in the body’s mucous membrane would cause cell secretion. Adenocarcinoma is diagnosed in 50% of all patients with lung cancer, the most common type of lung cancer.

It is grown in the lungs of alveoli, the cells are formed in the cells.2. The pulmonary bulbsSmall areas of the lung in the cavity, where the exchange of oxygen / carbon dioxide is the last “bronchial tree” in the alveoli. Most patients diagnosed with NSCLC are adenocarcinomas, which is a cancer that develops with alveoli.3. AthleticsFailure of the lungs completely or in this easy collapse can be painful and have little breathing.

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When treating NSCLC, patients may experience bladder or severe pulmonary damage caused by surgery. This is usually a small operation to eliminate the cause, usually a pneumothorax, the accumulation of air between the lungs and the chest cavity.chemotherapyThe pharmacological treatment, which is used to kill cancer cells, is primarily organized by IV, although it can be used as a pill. Although it has serious side effects, many people may be more comfortable treating the patient. NSCLC is not as sensitive to chemotherapy as many other types of cancer, but it is often given in combination with cancer surgery or radiation therapy when it can not be treated.5. TACalso known as a cat scanner or a computer scanner, the X series, which is used to isolate the lungs, including suspicious masses. People with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, potentially CT is compressed, the rules include the adrenal glands and liver, lungs, and are used to identify not only a tumor or tumor at that site, but also the presence of cancer of the lymph nodes.

6. Large cell cancerThe top three NSCLC units are the least common for large cell lung cancer; About 10% of NSCLC diagnoses are called large cells. It is characterized by the fact that it is grown in cells that are generally larger than lung cells.7.

LobectomyElimination of the pulmonary plane; In NSCLC, lobectomy involves removing tumor tissue and spreading to prevent cancer. Surgery is the most common treatment of NSCLC; Although chemotherapy and radiotherapy for NSCLC are less effective than other types of cancer, these two treatments are often: chemotherapy surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in patients with advanced non-lung cancer. small cells.

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