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One of the first humans to surprisethe nation was Herman Webster Mudgett, more commonly known as H.H. Holmes. He wasa graduate of the Medical program from the University of Michigan. Holmes loved working with corpses and became very skillful in Chemistry and Anatomy. Sincehe was a successful individual who pursued a respected profession in society,now many people would suspect, nor accuse him of torture chamber hidden in ishis hotel that he built specifically for this reason. When H.H.

Holmes wasfinally arrested, it was rumored that he had murdered up to 200 people butlittle evidence was to prove this theory. Many people walked past H. H. Holmeswithout falling victims to his horrific torture.

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Holmes is the first Americanto be a serial killer. The first time anyone in America has experienced someonejust killing people in mass quantities without being detected for years. In Trisha Zeigenhorn’s , “Top 5 facts of H.H. Holmes” she explains knowledgeable facts which disprove thestereotypical theory of serial killers. Holmes may have been the first serialkiller to ever be witnessed, yet he didn’tdisplay any characteristics that the media or people believetoday.

Holmes’ murders dated back to the 1800s. As it has been demonstrated inthe article, Holmes seems to be an ambitious young man striving for a successful future inthe world of medicine. Despite the myth of serial killers being dysfunctionallosers, Holmes was an intelligent, and “normal” person that knew how to blend into society. Holmes worked with dead bodies and dissected them, working with dead caused Holmes to become more and more interested withkilling and death. Once Holmes began murdering, it was very hard for him tostop, as he just became more creative with his killings, to feel satisfied withhimself.  During the onset of the serial killings, Holmes stole deadbodies to collect their life insurance, which these behaviors displayed signsof oncoming violent acts. The media’s celebration of serial killersand constant broadcasting of them is a reminder of how people in this modern day society transformsthem into celebrities. Trisha Zeigenhorn does a great job manipulatingthe viewers by presenting facts about H.

H. Holmes that would appeal to theaudience. Although Holmes built a hotel for his psychopathic urges, and anumber of people that were killed inside, society has become intrigued with themurder castle as it’s exciting to see and hear about. In Holmes “murder castle” it was suspected that he killedhis victims in avariety of different ways, all in his comfort zone. It’s the place he felt most comfortableor safe, without running the risk of being caught.  Holmes didn’t travel across state lineslooking for his next victims, which would be a careless and high risk of beingcaught. Serial Killers are intelligent people whose main goal is to avoid beingdetected, therefore won’t risk driving in different jurisdictions looking for possibletargets. If the target isn’t in their comfort zone, it’s very unlikely for them to strike, that’s why serial killers are a rare phenomenon.

            StructuralFunctionalist Theory, states that H.H. Holmes had a significant role in societyduring that time period.

Murder was hardly heard of, and no one knew how todescribe Holmes actions. When the society was struck with tragedy, she actedquickly on it and sentenced him to death. It’s the same concept now in theUnited States. The government is always at risk for tragedies to occur, justlike 911. After 911 the United States completed changed in terms of security andsafety in order to prevent any more disasters to affect America.

Well with H.H.Holmes was caught, and he was sentenced to death for his crimes. Now the worldhas already familiarized itself with crime and that people are willing to causeharm to others.  The media has idolized murder as its exciting, and it’senjoying to hear about in today’sworld by reporting the stories continuously, thereforemaking serial killers believe that if they kill, they will become famous. Butwith H. H.

Holmes the world’s first serial killers from the 1800s is stillbeing talked about continues to bring enjoyment for some people. As TrishaZeigenhorn created this article in hopes of receiving appraisal from people. Almost 200 hundred years later and H.

H. Holmes is still relevant intoday’s society, andwill continue to impress people for many years to come. Although innocent people lose their lives, the media has learned to romanticize andglamorize serial killers, it creates excitement for people to witness.           

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