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Last updated: August 25, 2019

One ofthe popular tools used by many, if not all businesses, is the use of havinglinks on your social media page bio/description to other social medias andother contact points such as a website or email address. This is extremelyuseful as it leads customers to all your other accounts and helps all yoursocial media websites grow. It also links all your social medias together. Italso helps eliminate fake imitators of your company because customers will beable to click straight through to your official social media pages so theydon’t end up communicating with fake pages that could damage your reputation orsteal your customers.

Also,facebook andInstagram will display posts and adverts related to what a user has beensearching. This could help your business grow without doing much, if anyeffort.Anotherfeature that is very useful and very popular, is the ability to integrate yoursocial media platforms with your websites(s) and app(s).

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This basically allowsparts of your social media, e.g featured posts or pinned tweets, to showup on a section of your website(s) or app(s). This is very useful as customerswill see posts that might encourage them to buy into your company. It alsoallows customers and clients to view your social media posts when on the go orwhilst viewing your website.

Avery popular and well used feature is SEO (Search engine optimisation). This isoptimising the use of search engines to your advantage and getting your websiteto the top of the search engine page, could be google, bing etc.You want your website to be at the top of the page because studies have shownthat when a customer searches for a product, they will go to the websites atthe top of the search engine page.

Also, very few will go through multiplepages to find a product. This makes SEO a very important part of your business.Youcan pay for SEO which will make it a lot easier to get to the top and this willincrease the sales of your products and services and in turn it will bring moremoney in because you’re easier to find. Another way to get your website to thetop of the first page is by using key words. Doing this will mean when userssearch for a word related to your business. Your website will be near the top.This is completely free but not as reliable and a lot harder  to achieve good results. Finally, yourwebsite will need to be up to date otherwise the search engine will stopputting it at the top of the first page because it dosen’t haveup to date information and could of just been abandoned.

This can also happenif your website contains too many spelling mistakes because it seems tounprofessional.Moreover,you can write a description, or bio on most social medias. This allowscustomers to come to your page and see what your business is about. This willhelp bring in the right people and get your target audience interested. It alsogives you the opportunity to set a good first example on all your customers andfuture clients.

It could also give the opportunity for indirect advertising.Finally,facebook,twitter and google all use some form of in depth analytics that you can use todetermine who’s viewing your ads, clicking on your posts and liking your page.This will help to shape your target audience and gain more sales, so moreprofit. Facebook insights allows you to track user interaction on your page andhelps find out when the best time of day to post is, best day of the week andbest sort of posts that get the most interaction. This is extremely importantas it helps you create an extremely successful business page and get plenty ofinteraction with customers which in turn creates a better reputation andincreases more sales.

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