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Last updated: September 29, 2020

Ontario Ministry/IBM Case Study Executive Summary As stated in the case EDU was divided into divisions, branches and different units, and as a single company employee’s need to feel as one with no boundaries. Implementing a document management system will help them come together as a company rather than a department. Getting people to feel they are part of a company rather than a department will help build trust between all employee’s and departments.Once implementation is complete, I would anticipate employees will be able to find the information they need more quickly and increase the efficiency of support teams, which will in turn increase customer satisfaction and you should expect to see increased customer satisfaction Regardless of where the document is the result will be in a unified manner.

Key Assumptions ·After my first recommendation they can implement the other options a year or two down the road. Like communities of practice and an Expert directory. As nowhere does it say they can’t implement another knowledge management solution. The document management system’s features and benefits are what I believe should be included in a document management system. Statement of Issues The Ontario Ministry of Education (EDU) from my eyes (K. Everest) has a couple of issues but one of the fore running issues is electronic data. Having the same document on more than one computer’s hard drive, or having up to 20 different version of that document should be unwarranted.

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There is an estimated 3 million different documents on EDU’s computers and if there is up to 20 different version of one document there could realistically be 1 million original documents.Another key issue is knowledge sharing as more than one person could be doing the same research. Having more than one person doing the same research without each other’s knowledge is inefficient and unacceptable business practice.

A minor issue is security, having people get access or not get access to a certain document should be addressed. Criteria The right solution to address in this case is to implement a document management system. As a document management system (DMS) can provide a universal search result for EDU’s employee’s to help them locate a document whether it is in a presentation, spreadsheet or other type of document.These documents could be found in an intranet, CMS, Wiki, Portal, Database, etc. thus reducing search time for a document that needs to be found. Reducing time is key to the searchers success in getting their job done faster and more efficiently. Having a DMS in place will help your other issue of having more than one person doing the same research. As a DMS is real time, meaning if someone is editing a document you would be able to see that it is being worked on thus reducing overlap.

Analysis EDU needs to solve the problem of organizing documents, and to determine what category to index the documents according to the document’s metadata.The benefit of a new document system include: ·Decreased frustration in finding the information the user needs ·Increased efficiency in resolving client problems ·Decreased resolution times for client problems, thus increasing client satisfaction ·Increased efficiency by having all information in one place rather than having it scattered throughout the intranet. EDU has documents that are spread around many databases and hard drives right now and a DMS can reduce time spent on searching for the right document.This DMS that IBM has created can break down the silos of information workers spend time sifting through to give them a fast accurate result. It can also be supportive of secure search results so people who don’t have access can’t get access to that program. This helps solve our minor issue of security.

Another benefit to this DMS is that it can do a search on more than 200 different file types on the EDU internal network as well as real time search just in case someone is editing that document at that same time.By enabling employees to quickly locate and leverage information, this system will help EDU remain an industry leader in education and customer support. This DMS solution will also allow: ·EDU to build a category search and intranet navigation ·Enable the document creators to classify their Web pages and Microsoft Office documents to one or more of several pre-defined categories Plan of Action Week 1 nSet up appointment with top ministry officials Week 3 nMeet with ministry and propose solution Week 4 nFollow up with proposalWeek 17 (as the government would probably take this long to get back) nProposal successful nSet up meeting with IBM Week 18 nMeet with IBM to tell them of DMS is a go Week 19 nGet final papers signed for DMS to get ordered Week 20 nInternal letter to all EDU employee’s about DMS’s implementation nFollowed up with an other letter of the benefits of a DMS (as most people are afraid of change) nConfirm installation date (say week 24) Weeks 21-23 nTrain employee’s on DMS interface nAlso confirm benefits of this system Week 24 nInstallation of Document Management System

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