Operating drivers, which all peripherals and hardware have

systems (OS) are an important software that runs on all computer’s hard drives
or computer chip; the OS manages all of
the computer’s processes with the software and hardware. This allows people to
use a computer for simple actions like
recognising input from a keyboard, while the OS does what you instruct by
displaying the output on display. As an
OS manages all the software and hardware, which need to use the CPU, memory,
and storage – the OS controls it all to ensure the programs work and get what
they need, this is done through the device drivers, which all peripherals and
hardware have – it is a program that controls the connection between OS and
hardware to make them compatible. They are also the interface that you see on
your screen’s desktop and allows you to use programs, by, for example, clicking on its icons. Each
different OS has a different interface, features, and customizability. 

The first type of operating system was a command line, known
as DOS (disk operating system), where a user would have to type individual
commands for the computer to follow, this means computer users had to have
expert knowledge in the DOS language. DOS also did not have any graphical
appearance but just text, which awaited the next instruction as shown to the
left. Then, the first Windows OS came out in 1985. This introduced the GUI OS
(graphical user interface), this is the type of system we know today that uses
an interface with icons and menus to click on with a mouse and pointer, because
of this, everyone that uses computers does not have to know how to program. As
well as the basic functions to allow us to access and use software and hardware
that the OS carries out, it offers additional features and functions including
utility software to tidy up disk space and ensure security for the system. The
main GUI OS’ include Windows, Mac OS, and Linux for PCs, but other devices
including mobile phones and game consoles such as Android, IOS, and

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Mac OS is Windows’ competitor but is limited to apple
computers which video games are not suitable for, but is used by users with
creative roles such as for music and video editing. Meanwhile, Linux ix the
least popular but is used as an open source OS so technical users can modify
the software to how they want it and download different versions of Linux.
Linux is not considered user-friendly as
you must know what you are doing and the OS is much more likely to have errors
due to a lack of a large, professional company creating and making patches for
the OS.


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