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Operations Management Name: Course: Date: Operations Management The statements derived from the writing could be termed as relevant because they indicate the varied levels the three nations use identical resources in production of goods and services to ensure sustenance and survival of their respective populations.

From an operations management perspective, production of goods and services should be able to meet the needs and wants of a given populace. The factors of production are primarily land, labor and capital. As indicated, there is a higher level of consumption of goods and services in the United States followed by the Netherlands and finally by India. The three countries exhibit varied levels of consumption due to the varied consumer ability to make purchases (Russell, & Taylor, 2002). The three countries exhibit varied availability and access to resources such as land and ecological sustenance to ensure sustainable production of goods and services. Operations management is related to the conversion of inputs into outputs (Heizer, & Render, 2004). The output is termed as a means of providing populations with needed goods and services.

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Hence, the lack of adequate resources such as land could possibly result in direct or indirect disruption of goods and services for sustenance of populations. In addition, other resources in existence due to an ecological balance are also used in production of materials for production processes (Heizer, & Render, 2004). The statement is evidently appropriate since the countries identified have varied levels of maintaining their resources to ensure minimum use of resources for maximum satisfaction of basic needs of their respective populations (Russell, & Taylor, 2002). This is possibly determined by the availability of resources to manage both manmade and natural resources as evidenced by the differences in ecological footprints.

In essence, operations management ensures that there is use of availed resources efficiently, and to a minimum, while ensuring the achievement of maximum output and benefits from the production processes. Hence, the statement indicates the varied level of ability to manage resources efficiently for maximum output. References Heizer, J. H., & Render, B. (2004).

Principles of operations management. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson/Prentice Hall. Russell, R.

S., & Taylor, B. W. (2002). Operations management. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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