or clubs. This is important because when somebody

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or clubs. This is important because when somebody is insecure in school, they feel like they aren’t good enough and stop trying, causing their grades to fall. My final reason is that sports can cause academics to become secondary to the athlete. For example, an investigation conducted by the NCAA has shown that in 2015, 20 colleges had committed academic fraud. Tale, for instance, the case of the University of North Carolina. UNC had created, “no show” classes or phantom classes.

 These were classes where athletes received a grade, but did nothing, as these classes were fake. Student athletes tend to take easier classes and get lower grades (Zócalo Public Square). This is typically because the athletes don’t think the team cares about academics, when indeed they do. They perform worse though, since they want to “fit in” with other members of the team. This is important because dedicated student athletes could not get a scholarship, and the person who did get the scholarship could be cheating. This is also important because if somebody is able to cheat in college, they may think they can cheat at other things in life, when in reality they can’t.

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Some may mention that sports have substantial health benefits. While this is true, the effects on the athlete in later life could counteract those benefits. Dementia, alzheimer’s, and concussions could lead to more complications than those if you didn’t participate in sports. Additionally, only 300,000 people die of obesity each year, while 1.6-3.8 million get a concussion every year (BIRI). That means more people are going to possibly get alzheimer’s or Dementia, meaning that these individuals won’t be able to function like they did before.

Also, obesity can be managed without sports; therefore, we could abolish sports and still avoid obesity. To conclude, competitive sports are too competitive and should be limited more. They cause significant and lifelong injuries, put a lot of stress and pressure on the athletes competing, and can cause academics to become secondary to the athlete.

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