Oral Interpretation

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Last updated: May 2, 2019
Which of the following is not one of the five listed steps to the oral communication processes?

editing the piece

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The American Forensic Association divided oral interpretation into three categories: drama, duo, and ____.
a. poetry

Interpretation is something a ______ does in response to a text.
a. reader

Controlling your volume, rate, pronunciation and voice are parts of controlling your


To read (at least with understanding and appreciation) is to ___.
c. interpret

Which of these is not a consideration when interpreting literature?
b. the length of the piece

________ interpretation is one of the oldest forms of communication.

c. Oral

When preparing for an oral interpretation, images you make up are not meant to reveal the author’s intention, they are just tools you invent for yourself to ____.
c. build a life around your words.

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