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Last updated: October 8, 2019

Organic Food Becomes More Popular Organic food has been the trend nowadays. More and more people tend to buy organic produces and the related livestock although the price of them is more expensive than the non-organic farming produces. Some people may have doubts about this phenomenon. So, Why? The reasons behind this trend are because organic food is nutritious and healthy, the living standard of human race was generally raised and sustainable development has been the hot topic nowadays. Now, I am going to discuss these three reasons.

Firstly, organic food is more nutritious and healthier than the non-organic farming produces and the related livestock. Pesticides, weedicides, some chemical fertilizers, antibiotics and other toxic chemicals are prohibited to the organic farming. Only some safe chemicals which passed the standard and with small amount can be used. Thus, the farmers of organic farming seldom use chemicals but instead, they use some natural methods to raise the yields, control pests and rear their livestock.For example, crop rotation, terrace; using dead tissues, litters from plants and feces from animals.

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All these methods are natural, and are useful to increase soil fertility and control pests. Besides, the farmers let their livestock to eat pasture which is grown in their organic farms and do not use antibiotics to feed livestock. However, for the non-organic farming, the farmers always overuse chemicals to fasten both crops and livestock’s growing periods.

Although the non-organic produces may have a better appearance, they may contain heavy mental and chemical residues.Eating non-organic food is dangerous while eating organic food is safer and healthier. Organic food contains more vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrition values. Therefore, organic food is more nutritious and healthier is one of the reasons why it becomes more popular. Secondly, the living standard of human race was generally raised since these few decades, especially in some developed countries and cities like U. S. A, U.

K, and even Hong Kong. For example, the light and heavy industries contributed a lot to boost the Hong Kong economy in the 1970s and 80s.Afterward Hong Kong people became richer and more educated as the national income of Hong Kong was raised. Since the past decade when the living standard was raised, we, Hong Kong people, pay more attention to what we eat as we think our health is very important. We have money. So, why don’t we eat healthier? Why don’t we choose the more expensive but more nutritious, safer and healthier organic food? Yes, organic food is popular in Hong Kong nowadays. Although organic food is more expensive than non-organic food, we still think it is worth buying.

From the above example, we can see that once the living standard of one place is raised, people will pay more attention to their health. They can afford to buy the more expensive but safer and healthier food. Thus, they refuse to eat the food which contains heavy mental and toxic chemicals anymore.

As a result, organic food becomes popular while non-organic food becomes undesirable. Finally, the last reason is that sustainable development has become the hot topic nowadays. As I have mentioned above, the living standard of human race was generally raised since these few decades.Now, people are generally more educated thus we pay more attention not only to our health, but also to our environment.

We understand the surroundings that we live also affect our health. However, the truth is cruel that our mother earth has already been polluted. Global warming, El Nino and La Nina effect…the climates of many places become strange or even extreme. So, we start to think about our future generation. What can we do? Many people think, at least, we should reduce the use of chemicals.The practice of non-organic farming is one of the sources contributing to the pollution problem. The farmers of non-organic farming ignore our environment and just focus on their self-interests.

They overuse chemicals and have destroyed uncountable rivers, tributaries and lands. They have also damaged livestock and human’s health! So, that’s why more and more people support organic farming and promote it. We want to leave a clean and blue planet to our future generation. It is difficult for us to purify our planet and this is a long way to go.Practicing organic farming is one of the important steps that we save our earth and compensate our fault.

Since the awareness of protecting our environment is aroused and sustainable development is the hot topic nowadays, organic food becomes more popular. To conclude, why organic food becomes more popular is because of the above three reasons. I think, organic food will become more and more prevalent in the future. It is the trend that we want to eat better, live better, and want to leave a healthy earth to our future generation. (797words)

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