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Organisational goals relate to the business as a whole, these are what the company want to achieve in the long term, they are usually set by senior management of the company. One of The Stewart Hotel’s goals was to increase the bookings within 6 months, which would increase their profit. Objectives are designed to support the organisations end goals. Using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound) will lead to an increased chance of success. Within the Stewart Hotel, Ailsa’s objective was to increase their number of wealthy business clients within a 6 month time scale and to ensure that each business client was treated with anexceptional level of customer care. Policies are simple statements of how the organisation intendsto conduct its services or business.

A policy within the Stewart Hotel was that only Craig or Saskiahave the authority to sign for deliveries as they had the necessary experience to check if the produce was up to the required standard. 2. The Open System’s theory means the business is influenced by environments that are both internal, such as members of the organisation and external, characterised by the management and staff having little or no influence over them. The Open System’s theory is made up of three part’s, the input could be the finance for example the bank loan that Ailsa managed to secure, the process in which the company used this money to modernise the hotel, which would create the output of good customer service. An external impact would be that they have no control over the economy, which had recentlyfallen upon difficult time which has caused three of the hotel’s biggest customers to close. 3. A stakeholder is anyone with an interest in a business. Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organisations that are affected by the activity of the business.

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An internal stakeholder at the Stewart Hotel would be Ailsa, the general manager. Ailsa has extensive influence on the running of the hotel and will seek to ensure the survival, growth and development of the business through increased and stable profits. An example of an external stakeholder for the Stewart Hotel would be the customers, the customers want products and services that meet their needs at the right price. If the Stewart Hotel fails to provide adequatecustomer satisfaction then customers will take their business elsewhere, which will cause a variety ofproblems for the hotel.

 4.  A formal structured organisation is one where the reporting structure is defined, for example a formal structure could be written procedures which cover rules for discipline, grievance and time keeping. Some rules relating to a formal organisation is the span of control which identifies how many people a supervisor or manager can supervise. The levels of management are important to highlight the number of levels between lower levels and the most senior manager in the organisation. Within the Stewart Hotel, the management team set the policies and procedures for all operations within the Hotel, such as Craig’s policy of only allowing himself or Saskiato be able to approve delivery of fresh produce. Informal organisations are groups formed by staff members within an organisation or business. These groups meet the social needs of workers however they are not part of the formal organisation.

An example of an informal meeting within the Stewart Hotel would be the staff getting together at the end of each week and socialising with free drinks provided by management.  5.  The Stewart Hotel uses multiple strategies in pursuit of organisational control. One of these strategies is control through organisationalstructure, Aisla and Craig are both owners of the Hotel, Aisla being general manager and Craig being Head chef, policies and procedures are put in place by both of them for the staff to follow. The Stewart Hotel also uses control through rules, policies and procedures, an example of this again would be the policy of only Craig or Saskia having the authority to sign for fresh produce.     

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