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Last updated: October 19, 2019

Organizational Communication Name: Course: Institutional affiliation: Date: Organizational Communication Several communication barriers would have been responsible for the poor communication between Mr. Jain and Mr.

Yang. The first is language barrier where the word “spicy” would have different interpretations. Mr. Jain is likely to have misunderstood the word for a compliment thus proceeding to expound on Indian cuisines.

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On the other, hand Mr. Yang would have used “spicy” as a complaint thus expecting an expression of empathy from Mr. Jain. Another possible barrier is high noise levels since it was a restaurant, where Mr.

Yang would have had difficulty hearing Mr. Jain’s explanation on the spicy food. Additionally, perception barrier would have impaired the communication between the two. Mr.

Jain is to have made wrong presumptions regarding Mr. Yang’s comment having not observed other communications channels such as body language (Nielsen 2008). On the other hand, none of them inquired whether the other had understood or sought further clarification regarding the comments or explanations they were having. The perception barrier would have overlapped with language barrier in the even of Mr. Jain’s lengthy explanation being made in his cultural context in use of words and phrases. Overcoming the language barrier would have implied both Mr. Jain and Mr. Yang speak slowly, clearly while asking for clarifications to avoid presumptuous replies since they both have good conversational intentions.

This would also have involved multiple communication channels such as observing physical cues to avoid misinterpretation of comments. Another vital element likely to have improved their communication is simplicity and conciseness where information overload is avoided (Nielsen 2008). For instance, Mr. Jain would have given a specific apology or explanation for spicy nature of the food. Inherent possibilities of using words and phraseologies that are specific to a certain culture exist in lengthy explanations such as the Mr. Jain’s explanation demonstrating the importance of simplicity and conciseness. In instances where lengthy explanations are vital creating pauses to check the listener’s understanding is recommended.

In addition, patience will communication with parties from different cultures is essential to correctly interpreting messages. These actions would have aided in overcoming the perception and language barriers (Miller 2012). References: Miller, K. (2012). Organizational communication: Approaches and processes. Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Nielsen, J.

(2008). Effective communication skills. S.l.: Xlibris Corp.

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