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Last updated: October 19, 2019

Organizational Communication Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Organizational Communication Memorandums and emails are styles of business communication. An email is a form of communication used in organizations for storing and forwarding method of writing, sending and saving messages over electronic communication. Memos are used in the office for internal communication while email is used in offices that are not internally accessed as distance communication.

A memo is a short statement that contains a reminder or a proposal of something that is coming up (The Wall Street Journal). Memos are usually used by supervisors to subordinates giving them instructions or, act as a reminder of something that needs to be done while email messages are sent to a network of people using a computer. Memos can be used to call for a meeting or inform an employee to do something therefore, it needs to be short and straight to the point (The Wall Street Journal). A person sending an email must have email addresses of the people they are sending to while a memo does not require email addresses as they are usually printed and are displayed in a central place. An email does not require to be printed, as it can be stored in its original form and the person receiving the email does not need to be online at the time the email is sent or received. An email allows a user to distribute information to large numbers of employees simultaneously.

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Sending an email is fast and efficient; emails can be used to book appointments and orders. When a memorandum is used sometimes, the employee has to print a copy to each individual employee he/she needs to communicate to (Correspondence). An email does not require printing (Anderson).

If a user wants to get instant response from a correspondence, the easiest method to use is email and not a memo as it can take time before it reaches the intended people. If user wants to keep records of how people responded to a suggestion or a proposal it is advisable to use email as each employee’s response can be traced. It is difficult to achieve the same interaction if a memo is used (Anderson). References The Wall Street Journal, (n.d.) How to Write Memos, Retrieved from Anderson A., (n.d.) Three Differences Between effective Emails and Effective Memos in the Workplace Retrieved from Correspondence (n.d)

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