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Last updated: October 20, 2019

Organizational Communication Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Organizational communication The comment on business people possessing less time to spend extra effort on courtesy is just an excuse not to try and is wrong.

A person does not require much time and effort to be courteous to a fellow business associate or a customer. Courtesy is expressed in the way a person relates and interacts with another through written or oral communication. Courtesy is also expressed through facial expression, gestures and body language (Lee, Roberts, Kraynak, 2008). The notion that courtesy can only be expressed in documents through sugar coating is unfounded and wrong. In business, communication through email is vital for fast and effective communication. Courtesy can be expressed by using the proper name of the receiver, sending the email to the correct person it is intended for and apologizing if sent to the wrong person and by using the correct grammar and complete sentences.

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These shows respect to your recipients for it ensures that the correspondence is properly done and courteous (Schatz, 2011). The other way business people can express courtesy is through oral communication, which is in their business conversations and meetings. When instructing a person to complete a certain task or report, saying a “please” or a “thank you” is crucial in gaining respect for both parties involved.

This enhances good relationships with each other in the business setup that in turn boosts the productivity, since less time is spent worrying about rudeness. Another way to express courtesy without exerting much effort is in ensuring that all written communications example newsletters, memorandums, and business charts are correctly done and names are spelt well. Getting the names of people right translates to courtesy and respect because it’s an important part of a person’s identity. If the business includes dealing with customers, then courtesy is highly important in maintaining them and in attracting more. Courtesy towards customers is expressed in how business people approach them, with a smile, saying a good morning or goodbye or have a pleasant day and acknowledging regular customers (Josephson institute, 2008). In addition, listening and solving their queries in an appropriate manner and within a specified time limit shows courtesy.

Courtesy requires no much time and little effort. Reference: Josephson Institute. (2008). Accountability.

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