Organizational foresight

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Organizational foresight Round one response According to the answers given by experts, it is possible to use sustainable options. Most of them are cheap to implement and reduce operation costs. It is recommended to use all methods of sustainability to preserve the environment. Although some are expensive, there is need to think how to use them. For example, the government should subsidize them. If these sustainable options are not applied, effects of environment degradation may be more costly than sustainability. Using sustainable options has many benefits to the community and businesses.

There will be reduced costs in production. The efficiency of productivity will be improved. Businesses will enjoy economies of large scale, which contribute to cost reduction. Sustainability is the solution to environmental conservation. Most of the raw materials in businesses originate from environmental sources. It will ensure the continuity of businesses with enough resources to perpetuate human existence.

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Round two responses It is very important for Australia to allow international assistance in sustainability. The developed countries have achieved those developments by applying sustainability. They have advanced technology, which can be used to reduce costs of using the expensive sustainability methods. Some of these international communities will share knew knowledge on other methods. It will be easy to solve the problems facing environmental conservation. Business will acquire more knowledge on how to participate in corporate social responsibility.

It will play a big role in improving the environment. It is important to note only relevant knowledge should be borrowed internationally. The government should ensure it does not acquire knowledge, which will sabotage values and policies of the country. The country should maintain its values and avoid negative influence from other communities. However, relating with international communities enhances integration and cooperation, which is important in business activities.

Environmental issues are global therefore, working together with other countries increases the efforts of improving the environment globally.

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