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 Organizations achieve and maintain their objectives byimplementing such Information System processes that differ according to theirbusiness objectives and organization’s structure. Information system processesmanages most of the operational activities within the different departments ofan organization to make sure the business objections are met effectively. Inmost of the organizations information system is needed to be able to managetheir general everyday processes, IT operations, decision makings for staff,and to support the strategies for competitive advantage. As manyorganizations seek to seek to achieve competitive advantage, reduce costs, andachieve best productivity and efficiency, the processes they use to manage allthese factors are increasingly large numbers of information become a valuablefactor in their success.The challenge for many organizations is not only tofind and implement the best possible ways to use information system but also tofind the value and benefits of information systems to manage the businesseffectively. It is important that organizations implement such IS processesthat are fit and suitable for the required business for example use of IT staffeffectively and keeping a record to asses for best possible performance againstcost.       The most important IS process in anyorganization is to implement the IT Strategy because it can determine theorganization’s direction and since IT has become such an essential part of anyorganization’s internal business functions that it is impossible to implementany process without it.

  IT strategyshould be in line with the organization’s objectives to support the business in achieving its strategic goals. The CIO of any organization assures that a strategy plan isdeveloped, implemented and regularly updated in such a way that it is inconcurrence with changing business requirement and objectives. In anorganization the strategy to transfer information from management to the ITmanagement should be very clear and a straight forward system should be inplace to align with these strategies, it should be aligned is such a way thatthere should be no lack of compatibility between the organization and ITstrategy otherwise it would if there will be any compatibility issues it wouldconflict with the objectives of purposeful strategic goals.

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This process shouldact in accordance with any new competitive changes in the business environmentand should provide for updating the strategy according to these changes to becompatible with the change in environment. ITStrategy is definitely not the only element which determines any organizationssuccess or failure but the ability of its managerial leadership is important aswell, but a logical strategy can achieve exceptional outcome for theorganization whose general level of competence is only average. The mostinspiring managers who are pushed to work with in an inappropriate strategywill have to utilize their full competence and energy entirely in order to keepfrom losing the objectives. IT strategies in any organization can also help inevaluating the value of an investment which could involve reducing costs,initiating visibility and control across the IT infrastructure, expanding theaccuracy of information and managing an increasing formation of IT associatedrisks. In any organization continuous investments in IT is required toachieve the required objective but only with the right IS processes and a completeinvolvement from all levels of management within business and IT department. ITstrategies many time are not successful due to insufficient managementdecisions and support. There are more chance of achieving the objectivessuccessfully if the IT strategies are well supervised and well controlled whichmeans this will require the new policies and procedures will require properownership to have a complete control.

In many organizations information systemsprocesses are used and implemented at all levels of the corporate hierarchy butthey are most largely used at operational and lower levels of management whichmeans there is a less usage towards the upper levels of management wherestrategic decisions are based largely on value of objectives. As a result, theinformation processed at operational levels allows organized decision making asthe rules and limitations normally lead to a foreseeable outcome. In anyorganization strategic planning depends on a very informal decision makingbecause of the unknown results and ambiguity make results difficult toanticipate so that’s why information systems, for example business intelligencesystems can imitate the way decisions are made by experts in their respectivefields are needed by top level management to seek help in decision making.Currently business intelligence system is largely applied in many businessesfor example in retail for user recording to quarry grocery coupons duringcheckout, in financial services for claims audit and fraud investigation, in transportationfor managing the fleet, in telecommunications for spotting the reasons forcustomer satisfaction or dislikes, also in retail’s online sector for ordershipment and customer support and so on.     Many Organizations are investing ininformation systems which helps to nourish business innovation and the organizationsthat have invested in making productive tech based information systems are wellpositioned to support business innovation.

 Obtaining competitive precedence is very necessaryfor any organization and in order to be keep the lead in the competitionorganizations have to continually initiate new competitive advantages.Information systems in any organization are the essential facilitator ofcompetitive strategies such as alteration, expansion and strategic partnershipand all these can be captured by businesses to develop competitive advantagesusing information system processes.

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