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Last updated: June 20, 2019

Understanding Organization Assignment 1 Submitted to: Prof. Madhavi Mehta Submitted By: Avanita Somani (P32058) Himanshu Bhardwaj (P32069) Nilesh Kumar Sharma (P32080) Supriya Bajaj (P32097) (Section B) Purpose: To establish Frostberry as a health drink and get an early mover’s advantage in the market.

Business scope:The potential applications of frostberry are immense that makes its use in the food and beverage industry very wide and prospective. Our short term aim would be to establish the frostberry as a health drink under the brand name “Frosty” and create a potential market for it. This health drink is mainly targeted towards the middle segment and upper section of the society of the age group 25 and above who are often seen complaining about hair loss, skin wrinkles, bad breath etc. Also, we plan to add vitamins and minerals in this that would further enhance its nutritional value.Initially, the product would be released in the metro cities and then later on it would be introduced in other parts of the country. Later, when the product is established in the market and people are aware of its benefits and their needs that it caters to, then we plan to venture into the pharmaceutical industry by synthesizing drugs for specific diseases using the mineral, gudstuforu.

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This would serve as our long term plan. Process: The entire process of making health drink has been divided into three main segments namely Cultivation, Processing and Marketing. .

) CULTIVATION: a) Land preparation for cultivation b) Nursery Management that includes water and fertilizer application. c) Transplantation into the fields followed by weeding. d) Proper irrigation to ensure good growth of frostberries. e) This would be followed by harvesting and collecting the fruits. f) Finally, the fruits would be stored in the warehouse. 2.

) PROCESSING OF THE FRUIT: a) The fruits would be sorted, cleaned and then graded at the time of their reception. b) This would be followed by one day storage ) Next, pulp extraction has to be done which would also involve frequent quality checks. d) The pulp extract will then be kept in a storage tank. e) In the storage tank, water, sugar, colours, preservatives and vitamins are added to the pulp. f) Once the mixing is done and the drink is ready, it is again subjected to quality checks. g) The pulp waste produced can be recycled and other waste produced would be sent to the waste disposal system.

h) The finished product is then ready to be released in the market. 3. ) MARKETING: This includes three sections: Sales, Distribution and Promotion. Sales:The focus is on the metro cities and then we plan to expand our business to other states of the country targeting middle class and upper middle class of age group 25 and above.

Distribution: This includes both direct and indirect channel. Direct channel would include hospital chain and retail chains like food chains, supermarkets and big departmental stores. Indirect channel would cover state level distributors and wholesalers. Promotion: The product would be made available at kiosks, malls, high streets, schools, colleges and recreation resorts.

TV commercials, try-it-out sessions, sponsorship for sports events would be other strategies.Also, advertisement on social networking sites like facebook and twitter would be of great help. Stakeholder Analysis Internal Stakeholders and their Expectations Employees| Promoters| Management| Equity Shareholders| Fair and timely wages| Decent Return of Investment| Good Performance | Maximise Shareholder’s Value| Good working conditions| Brand Creation| Growth| Expectation for future performance| Career growth along with learning| Loss minimization| Sustainability| Profit generation| Job security and Clear job definition| Value Addition| Product Differentiation| Stability in share price|External Stakeholders and their Expectations Customers| Community| Suppliers | Government| Creditors| Affordable Price| Jobs| Equitable business opportunities | Taxation| Credit Score| Taste| Involvement| Timely Payment| VAT| New Contracts| Health Benefits| Environmental Protection| Regularity| Legislation| Liquidity| Availability| Shares | | Low Unemployment| | Good Packaging ( Tetra pack)| Truthful Communication| | Truthful Reporting| | * Ways to encourage and attain continuous improvements in our business and its process: .

Cultivation We are involved in a business where we are producing health drink in which our most important raw material is frostberry. Therefore, cultivation is a very important segment of the business. To achieve higher and good productivity, we should be using good seeds, fertilizers and should keep on updating ourselves with modern technology of farming and irrigation methods. During the phase, when flower of the plant will convert into fruit, we will provide complete check on the plants.And this will be done based on random sampling. So that any type of disease can be avoided at the right time. Apart from this we will only take fruits which are good in quality so that the health drinks turns out to be very healthy. We would be giving yearly bonuses to farmers based on the quality and production from farms.

2. Processing To achieve continuous improvements, we would have to make sure that the raw materials go through all the processes timely. There should not be any time delay.We must have to take all hygiene factors into account before the start and after the end of all the processes.

All the machines used for various processes like grading, sorting and cleaning should be in compliance with standardized norms. There should be regular servicing of such machines and necessary replacements would be made as per demand arises. Moreover, we would be keeping knowledgeable persons for performing quality checks.

3. Marketing Frostberry is a new fruit, hence people do not know about its significance.So, it’s very essential that people must know about its benefits, which will in turn help company’s growth in the long run. Company’s marketing policy must be able to appeal the target consumers. The focus would be on improving all the three sections under marketing i. e.

Sales, Distribution and Promotion. Promotion would be very important in initial phase of the launch of Frosty so full fledged strategy would be adopted to improve the market penetration and brand awareness among the consumers. ORGANOGRAM OF OUR ORGANIZATION Managing DirectorEngineers Supervisors Lab Technician/Chemist Operators Workers (Daily wages) HR Accountants Manager HR Sales Officer Sales Officer Distribution Sales manger Manager Accounts Financial Accountant Shift Incharge (Chief Engineer) Assistant Manager Plant Manager General Manger Finance & HR General Manager Production Procurement Manager Assistant Manager Supervisors Daily Wage labors Agriculture Engineers and R & D Scientists Manager Market Research Assistant Manager Marketing General Manager Marketing & Sales Sales Manager Marketing Manager

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