Origin of Life

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Last updated: October 21, 2019

The origin of life was fast believed to come from the organic matter. The spontaneous generation stated that life arose from organic matter. The main evidence was that if garbage were put outside the rats would come (Mortiz, 2010). This theory could have been true but there is no data to support this claim because there are no specifications as to how the rights were created by the garbage or how the maggots were created from the meat.

Due to lack of proof in the spontaneous generation, then came the theory of biogenesis. This theory is believed to have come from very different things like electricity, heat, ammonia and many others to form a protein. There is no clear evidence that these conditions would create life or show life evolved from this different things chemically combining to form life.

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Additionally, there is no data to support that this is true. Therefore, this theory cannot be correct due to lack of evidence. Additionally, due to lack of evidence came the primordial soup theory. This theory stated that organic molecules could be created in an area where there is no oxygen or less oxygen in form of liquid through heating by direct sunlight. This would later form droplets after the water liquid molecules have been joined together. This theory has a lot of evidence because amino acids have been found to exist in this liquid.

Moreover, it contains a lot of information, which has proved the existence of how life was created. It is this theory that many experiments must begin from it. Therefore, it shows proof of the origin of life. Panspermia theory states that life did not originate from earth but from another outer space and came to earth through several means of transportation.

One of the ways in which life is thought to have been transported form outer space to earth is through lithopanspermia. In this method, rocks are believed to transport life from one solar system to another. The second way is ballistic panspermia. It states that the impact rocks transport life from one planet to another in the same solar system. The third method is directed panspermia where it states that extraterrestrials transported life from one planet to another (Panspermia-theory.com, 2009).

This theory is well documented and it has proof because rocks from Mars have been cited and they contain life. References Mortiz, A., (2010). The Origin of Life. The Talks Origin Archive. Retrieved from http://www.talkorigins.

org/faqs/abioprob/originoflife.html Panspermia-theory.com, (2009). Panspermia and the Origin of Life on Earth. Panspermia-theory.com. Retrieved from http://www.panspermia-theory.com/

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