Our Autonomous weapons are an obvious point in

Our topic for a rebate is “Is the threat of Artificial
Intelligence technology real?” Artificial intelligence may
attempt to copy our own intelligence. Nowadays Computers can communicate and
calculate data quicker than the average human. However, research in artificial
intelligence is advancing quickly. In the future, artificial intelligence will
have their own mind or will we be the master of these robots.


I agree the threat of
Artificial Intelligence technology is real. Artificial intelligence will
replace the human job. Most of the human tasks are slowing took over by the
artificial intelligence and other intelligent machines. In the past, bank tellers
could help you make transactions and cashiers could help you in paying for the
groceries at the supermarket. In the automation age, many of these jobs can be
and are being done by robots. We need to stay competitive and focus on skill
and faculties that make them different from Artificial Intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence
is unconscious. An
important debatable of artificial intelligence is about ethics values. Artificial intelligence
achieves its goal with a harmful method. AI would be complicated while we give
a tough order.  For instance, in late
2016, Uber conducted a test of their self-driving cars in San Francisco without
approval from California state regulators. After that, the internal
documents showed that Uber’s autonomous vehicles ran six red lights in the city
during testing.


Many countries are
invented autonomous weapons.  Autonomous weapons could get out of order, hurt
innocents, and nobody was responsible. Autonomous weapons are an obvious
point in a technology arms race, it will make everyone in war. It’s endlessly debatable
whether it would be less or more deadly than the ban.




AI may replace the
human but for now, it makes the life easier. For most of our existence, we have found for easier ways to
complete menial tasks. From the creation of pulley systems and wheels to
dishwashers and drive-thru car washes, we have tried to invent things to do
jobs for us so we could have more time to enjoy our lives. Just look at a
different angle at this entire AI discussion. We can see the application of AI
in our home. Certainly, the development of AI will make it be a part of our
daily life.


AI can explore the
resource that human need. We can scan to reach the Earth’s nadirs by
intelligence machine. They can be used to dig for fuels, mining purposes,
exploring the depths of oceans. These intelligence machines can be of use in
overcoming the limitations that humans have.


Artificial Intelligence
is at work in the medical field of medicine. We will be able to get treatment
by artificial intelligence when the doctor is busy. Since we are getting
treatment, they will not be tired and accurate with the treatment. The artificial
intelligence supports doctor evaluate patients and their health risks. It can
help them know the side reaction that different medicines need.  The AI of medicine is
solving the problem of no enough the medical support.


In the conclusion, AI
is hard to determine is it the threat or not for now but I believe it will bane
the world in the future.  So, we must know more about
machines and should be aware of the future that can happen if we give them
intelligence. Artificial Intelligence cannot be as bad or good. It varies in
the way we utilize and use it.








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