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Last updated: October 21, 2019

Our Lives Online The internet has brought both positive and negative impact to its users. People spend too much time on the internet, and it has influenced their cognition. It has affected people’s ability to read and write.

The internet has many features, which people use to make their work easier. For instance, a person does not have to read a long article or book online. He or she can skim making it easy to extract information.

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The internet has made people impatient when they are reading. A student cannot read an article consistently without deviating to another site. Therefore, it is agreeable that the internet has negatively altered people’s reading and writing skills as well as cognition in general. The internet has influenced people negatively and the consequences are risky. People need to change their attitude towards using the internet. The current image of people and the internet looks as if the people are slaves to the internet. Their minds have been captured and some are addicts. They cannot live without accessing the internet.

Instead of improving people’s lives, the internet has deteriorated their reading writing and cognition skills. They have become impatient and lazy in reading and writing. They consider it is a waste of time reading lengthy articles and books so they use ways of making it easier.

The internet should help us improve our skills in literacy and not degrading them. People should take measures in controlling the damage caused by the internet (Subong, 56).

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