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Our bodies work everyday to help us achieve our goals, from facial expressions to more complex demands such as driving a car. Muscles are involved in every step we take but what do we really know about them?. If we don’t know how our muscles work, we risk causing damage to arguably one of the most necessary systems of our bodies.

What are muscles? Therefore,by understanding the muscles in our body, we can protect ourselves from injuries. When it comes to muscles in the human body,here’s what you should know. Muscles are bundles of many cells called fibres.

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Consuming a balanced diet and exercising regularly keeps our muscles strong and healthy. We can figure out what muscles are by examining the role they play in our bodies. Muscle tissue stores energy and helps to make our bodies strong. They help with movement and help us to communicate in daily life. Smiling, talking to others, writing and even waving all require muscular activity.

What are the types of muscles?There are three main types of muscles.These are skeletal,visceral and cardiac muscle.Skeletal muscles covers our bones and give our bodies shape and we consciously control them. Examples of skeletal muscles in the arm are biceps brachii and triceps brachii while the quadriceps femoris is located in the thigh.Equally important,,visceral or smooth muscles which are found in the stomach and intestines play an important role in the digestive system help. We do not need to consciously control these muscles because they work automatically.

These muscles work automatically, meaning we do not consciously control them. The cardiac muscle is the third type, found only in the heart, which pumps blood around our body. Why do we need them?Ultimately,without the muscular system present, the human body would not be able to function. The muscles have specialized functions and are a fundamental part of who we are. Circulation, digestion and movement are all vital activities which muscles help to regulate.

They help to shape life as we know it.

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