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Last updated: September 17, 2019

Over the past two months we started a stock market investment. I invested in several stocks like Amazon, Netflix, Google, Apple, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Twitter, Facebook, Nike, AT&T, and Ulta. My portfolio went up and down over the past two months. For the longest time I was in the 4th place but my portfolio at the last minute dropped $200, my rank dropped down to 12th place as my final place. I overall made about $600 on my portfolio. Some stocks you could only buy a limited amount of like Amazon and Google.

I bought 7 shares of Apple, 2 shares of Amazon, 8 shares of Best Buy, 3 shares of Facebook, 2 shares of Google, 7 shares of Netflix, 4 shares of Nike, 7 shares of AT&T, 2 shares of Target, 12 shares of Twitter, 5 shares of Ulta, and 7 shares of Walmart. A few of the stocks I thought were going to be good actually turned out to be bad. Like Netflix I lost a few hundred dollars, Ulta I lost a little bit to, and AT&T I lost a little bit as well. I would have invested into Apple, Walmart, and I wish Amazon would have let me buy more shares because I would have made a lot more money.

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My stocks have a wide range from beauty to technology. My Apple stock is one of America’s favorite technology product, Best Buy is where they can buy their Apple products and more, Facebook where are parents scroll through, Nike a well loved sports store, Netflix so you can watch Stranger Things, Walmart and Target to get your groceries, AT so you can have phone service, Google so you can Google things, Twitter with all the good memes, Amazon to buy anything, and Ulta to get your beauty products. What I noticed about my stocks kept going up and down over my two months I had them. My whole entire portfolio was doing really but it fell at the last minute. The stock market is always changing because of what people want. That affects the money I make on the stock or lose on the stock. There are three types of stocks there is common stocks, preferred stocks, and shared classes stocks. Common stocks are the stocks on Wall Street, preferred stocks are more like bond instead of a stock, and shared classes stock are within the boundaries of common or preferred shares there are different share classes.

I only invested in common stocks, common stocks are the best to invest in. Overall I did pretty well for not knowing what I was doing. I would have not bought a few different stocks but I’m pretty happy about my profit on my portfolio. If my stocks didn’t drop last minute I could have had more money and a better portfolio.

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