Overall documentary, community platform…)? Ticketing and also it’s

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Last updated: February 11, 2019

Overall interest Which music do youlisten to in your free time? I listen to house/techno music and hip hop Which music do youlisten to when clubbing? When clubbing, it’s only for house and techno music How would youdescribe your interest in music?It is a really important part in my life. I listen to musicall the time and I can say it something that defines me. Do you have a musicalbackground yourself? NoAre you deejayingyourself?NoWhich kind ofelectronic music do you like? All kind of house sub categories such as minimal, micro,deep house Experience Are you already amember of Resident advisor? YesIf yes, since when? Since 2014 How have you heard ofresident advisor? Through Facebook events that are sometimes linked to RA.What is the purposefor you to use resident advisor (Online magazine, ticketing, documentary,community platform…)?Ticketing and also it’s a good way to see which parties areoccurring in the city How do you perceivethe websites layout? Not the best, the layout looks old and it’s not always veryclear when looking for info. It is not really appealing How do you perceivethe advertisements? I can’t remember seeing advertisements on the website How do you perceivethe community platform? Don’t know about the community platform  Needs What do you expectfrom online music magazines? I expect news regarding the music community, new releases,next parties. But also, an online music magazine should also offer articlesregarding new artists, to promote them and to promote something different andnot always the same djs, with the same stories.

It is a plus when you learn something  How regularly do youexpect updates?Once a month How important is thequality of content and reviews for you? It is quite important. Reviews are something more personalbut general content must be reliable and made by people passionate by what theydoing and that really know the subject. What is the mostimportant content for you? Articles regarding the history and the culture aroundelectronic music How important isusability of the website for you? Really important otherwise it will discourage me from goingon the website.  Behaviours How often do you readRA? Almost never How do you used RA(pc, tablet, smartphones…)?PC Do you used thesocial media websites of the online music magazines? NopWhat other onlinemusic magazines do you read? MixmagWhat is the bestonline electronic music magazine to you? If RA, Why? I don’t know 

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