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Last updated: August 5, 2019

8s_AII Fields in gray color are mandatory. Notes: ??? ???i_dl ??? 32 SALARY ADVANCE REQUEST FORM l.

Employee details Emp. #: Department: Name: Position: Amount requested: KD ( Kuwaiti Dinar Date Signature II. Human Resources Department (Payroll Officer) Approved Not Approved Reason if not approved: The approved amount KD will be deducted from (month) salary. Ill. Finance Department Approved to release the payment of: KDSalary advance terms: 1. Employee must pass the probation period (100 days). 2. The request must be submitted to HR department starting from the 15th of each month up to the 20th of each month.

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3. Any request after the mentioned period will be rejected (payroll cycle starts 21st of the month). 4.

The amount requested should not exceed 50% of the monthly salary. 5. The amount requested will be deducted in the current month salary.

The amount requested can’t be repaid in installments. Original: Finance Dept. Copy: HR Dept.

– Payroll officer 2 3 4 5 01 11 02 42 52 62 72 82 92 03 13 (+519/1 8,131 (3) 9_. ?„c 2. 1 . 3 Entrance Checklist u! PIA.

?„dll ?¤_49El ?©l???Jil ?¤_?†lJ Required documents / Kindly submit the copies of the following documents to the HR department on the 1st day of Joining. Personal pictures VINI Curriculum Vitae ( CV) Copy of passport

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