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1. Clipping Paths : is an outline created around an image
which allows you to remove a picture from its background – much
like cutting am image out of a magazine with scissor.

Is a technique used with Pen tool to remove the background from an

2. Multiple Mask : is much like basic clipping path service
but a bit more advanced. Clipping path service are used to make
selections. Specially to select one mail subject. Multiple clipping
path works with selection of multiple objects and on occasion,
combining them, in such a way that they match each other.

3. Product Retouching : is a process of photo editing which
includes adding new details or touches to images for correction or
improvement. Its aim is to make the photo more attention grabbing
that the customers want to buy the product without thinking twice.

4. Color Swapping : allows you to select one or more colors
and swap them for another. The new color is selected by adjusting
hue, saturation and lightness or choosing a new color from the color

5. Restructuring : Perfect images can not always be clicked
but they can for sure be created- thsi si what image restructuring is
all about.

6. Hair Masking : is a great tool to unravel any detail rich
subject from a troublesome background. This toll if used skillfully
can cut and crop every minute detail without leaving any telltale
signs of image cut out.

Hair Masking is a special technique to ensure that objects are cut
out from thier background without changing their original quality.

7. Fashion Retouching : Imagery should always be stunning and
impactful, even more so for e-commerce businesses, after all
impressive imagery is a sale-driver for them.

8. Color Correction : Colors are the verve and vitality of
every image; make sure they emerge at their best. To give a bright
and neat finish to your images, we enhance its colors using
techniques such as color grading, color diffusion, and high quality
color correction.

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