P.5The mohican bands. The mohawk were members of

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P.5The Mohawk The Haudenosaunee were made up of five nations: the mohawk ,the oneida, the cayuga, the onondaga, and the seneca. Alot of their families lived in wooden homes called longhouses which were built next to rivers and stream. The houses were often 100 feet long, were also used to store food and belongings. An interesting fact about the Mohawks is the hairstyle comes from The Mohawk. In the 1700s, many mohawk left New York and withdrew southeastern Canada. Today, the mohawk population throughout much of New York.

Mohawk cheifs  were always men, but women were the only ones to vote on who the cheif would be. The cheif was in charge of making all decisions about war as well as trade agreements.  The men usually hunted, traded, and fighting. Usually women were responsible for farming , taking care of their families and all lands and property decisions.

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The Mohawk indians were very talented with art of bendwork and porcupine quill art. The sacred art of mask carving, however, is an art form that held special meaning to the mohawk. The mohawk were particulary violent tribe. They commonly fought with the algonquin, the wabanaki, ojibway, and the mohican bands. The mohawk were members of the group of tribes referred to as the iroqouis confederacy was founded c1550 by deganawida and hiawatha and consisted of the mohawk, seneca, oneida, onodaga and cayuga tribes.

The aim of iroquois confederacy was to create an iroquoian empire by absorbing subservient, conquered peoples. Adherence to the constitution of iroqouis confedacy  was embodied in the grand council attended by 50 sachems, called hoyaneh. The mohawk tribe were represented by nine hoyaneh.

Wampum were the traditional , sacred shell beads of the iroqouis tribes which were used for recording special events and as currency. Work cited: https://www.warpaths2peacepipes.com/indian-tribes/mohawk-tribe.htm http://native-american-indian-facts.com/Northeast-American-Indian-Facts/Mohawk-Indian-Tribe-Facts.shtml

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