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ul1 {list-style-type: disc} We offer various adoption services in the Dayton area in Ohio such as: Independent Adoption: also called direct or private adoption, it is one of the most popular kinds of adoption in America. A post-placement home study will be required and you will meet the birth mother on your own or using the services of a third party such as an adoption attorney. International Adoption: we know very well the international adoption process. We will deal for you with Requests for Evidence (RFEs), Notices of Intent to Deny (NOIDs), Notices of Intent to Revoke (NOIRs), and Appeals of Denials and Revocations (I-290Bs).Relative or Kinship Adoption: in some circumstances, parents are not able to take care of their offspring and placing the child with a relative might be a good choice depending on the case. It is a way to keep a child in his/her own family and this way he/she can continue to be educated, to live, or get medical treatment if all the relatives live in the same city or area. Stepparent Adoption: if you recently remarried and want to secure two legal parents for your own child or partner’s child, that kind of adoption is a possibility.

Even if you are a single person or you created the child with a donor’s help, you can consider this solution.Adult Adoption: adoption is not only for children but also for adults and is more common than you think. It is for people aged 18 and over and legally creates a parent/child relationship. ————————————————ABOUT USOur law firm was created with one goal in mind: helping as many people as possible to make their dream of adoption possible in the Dayton area.We are your local adoption attorney in Dayton, Ohio. Being adoption professionals allow us to navigate confidently the Ohio legal system on your behalf. We possess the right knowledge and our friendly staff is here to assist way they can during your adoption journey.

 We believe that adoption is a gift and an opportunity to changes parents’ and children’s lives for the better. Our adoption advisors understand perfectly well the needs and feelings of both adoptive parents and birth mothers. Adoption can be faster and more affordable than you thought if you hire the services of reputable adoption lawyers. Our law practice is totally dedicated to adoption under all its forms, whether it’s adult adoption step parent or newborns and young children.

 We are here to put the children first and we want the whole process to feel emotionally rewarding. And we are not like most family law attorneys who deal more with divorce and child custody than adoption per se. The adoption field is our passion and we want to remain a local law practice with a manageable size as to remain closer to our customers and their real needs.

We do the legal work ourselves and don’t outsource it to anyone else.Take the next step and contact us today to learn more about our services and book a preliminary meeting with one of our specialised attorney. 

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