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Most of the time, we talk about starting a business, or automating your finances, or finding your dream job.But in the last few weeks, groups like Global-Land have started covering these topics. Eg, I could give you the perfect business idea, but if you have psychological barriers holding you back, it would make no difference.How many of us have imposter syndrome? Or we don’t know what our passion is? Or we’re overwhelmed with too many choices?Very few people talk about these things.

It’s easier to talk about quick fixes and social media strategies than to get really deep into what’s holding us back.But I’m unapologetic about diving deep into this material together. That’s what I’m here for: to challenge you to think about the topics that others won’t push you on. And to stand in your corner and challenge you — sometimes, even more than you think is possible — to help you be ur own boss, sorry I cant make u rich anigaa ahaan lahaa lol…Here comes the difficult part, I want to ask u a provocative question:If you made a mistake, would anyone ever tell you the truth?If you were leaving a bad impression on the people around you — as nervous, insecure, “weird,” unfriendly, even flirty or cocky — would anyone tell you?If you constantly said the wrong thing, would anybody tell you? If you were passed up for opportunities — or not invited to parties — because of a certain verbal tic you have, would you ever know?Would anyone tell you? How would you know?Communication skills are the “tip of the spear” — one of the first things you use. Nobody notices your education, your values, or how nice you are.

They notice what you say and how you make them feel. In your personal life…your professional life…even with your friends and family.Isn’t it interesting that we spend so much time and money improving our finances, our careers, our health and fitness…but most of us have never spent even one hour strategically learning how to improve our communication skills?

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