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s1 {font-kerning: none} span.s2 {font: 12.0px Helvetica} ul.ul1 {list-style-type: disc} Based on Bradfield, there are seven simple criteria that a qualitative set of scenarios must match, drawn up with strategic goals.Potential for decision-making. Each script from the set and the entire set as a wh?le should provide ideas useful to the subject under c?nsideration.

Most of these sets, both for companies and for industries, do not p?ssess this quality and need additions if s?lutions are based on them.Realistic. Developed scenari?s should reflect future events that may actually occur.Alternatives. Each scenario sh?uld be, at least to a certain extent, probable, although there is no need to accurately calculate its probability. Ideally, all scenari?s are more or less equally probable, then their entire set c?vers the maximum range of uncertainty.

If, for example, ?nly one of three or four scenarios is p?ssible, in reality you only have one scenario.Absence of internal contradicti?ns. Each scenario must be internally co?rdinated, without which it can not be trusted. The l?gic of building a script is extremely imp?rtant.Differentiation. Scenari?s should be qualitatively or structurally different from each ?ther. Note: it is not enough that they differ ?nly in scale, since then they will be only variants ?f the base scenario.

Memorability. Scenari?s should be such that they can be easily remembered and distinguished from each other, even after the presentati?n. Therefore, it is reasonable to limit to three ?r five options, alth?ugh theoretically we can remember and distinguish b?tween seven and eight scenarios. The ?riginal names help in this.Checking. The last criterion is a real check using the scenari? of information ab?ut the future received by the organization.

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