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s1 {font-kerning: none} span.Apple-tab-span {white-space:pre} Plagiarism, or more colloquially said cheating, is the action of unjustly taking another’s words and passing them as your own. In turn, gaining an unwarranted grade. This activity can be seen in a variety of ways; however, all methods are wrongful and yield consequences. Plagiarism is essentially stealing another’s work and using it as own’s own.

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This is inherently theft as the true owner of specific words, thoughts, or ideas is not credited to them. Overall, plagiarism is when one hands in work with words and content taken from another source without the addition of citations, which give credit to the original location where the thoughts were taken from. However, one would not get in trouble for plagiarizing if he/she would paraphrase information instead. Simply summarizing and referencing an author’s ideas using one’s unique languages ensures that he/she is safe from cheating. Additionally, when one quotes a sentence, word, phrase, or idea directly and provides credit to the author, it isn’t plagiarism. Hence, plagiarism is not citing and giving credit for work that isn’t original. Altogether, plagiarism is not taken into account when ethical steps are taken to ensure that all derived content is cited to the proper authority.

To avoid plagiarism, one should always compare what the book says and what he/she says to ensure that the idea remains while the specific wording differs. When researching and writing a paper or doing a project on a topic, always assure to cite the specific website, book, or another source to display the exact location where you acquired the information. Quoting does not suffice, a cited reference must follow.

Additionally, to evade plagiarism, prepare yourself so that you won’t have to or wish to cheat. Read to the understand material so that you are able to explain the information in your own terms. In general, to refrain from plagiarizing, simple measures such as citing sources and paraphrasing should be taken.

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