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Apple-tab-span {white-space:pre} Tel Aviv-Yafo is a beautiful and leading city of Israel. Tel Aviv can be found just Northwest of the city Jerusalem on the Mediterranean coast. The Encyclopedia Britannica is the source I will be using to obtain information from about the city Tel Aviv-Yafo. The Encyclopedia Britannica is a credible and reliable source because it is a global educational publisher. They partner with professionals, scholars, specialists, etc. to get reliable and beneficial content for their articles.

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After the content is put together it is edited rather meticulously to fix any errors, and to ensure that what the readers are reading is clear and understandable before it is published.  Tel Aviv is outstanding cultural and economically wise. The city is major and, “is headquarters for a number of government ministries, including the Ministry of Defense, as well as other public organizations such as the Histadrut (General Federation of Labour); most of the foreign embassies in Israel are also located in the city” (Razin, Paragraph 1).

The city is cut in half, organizing its people with a north and south divide. The north is where the wealthy live while the south is mainly the poor neighborhoods. The south is mainly built up of areas of foreign workers.

Suburban areas are also becoming widely popular and the divide can be seen throughout them as well. While the suburbs are usually populated by the middle class, they are growing more diverse ranging from upper to lower class and highly religious, to secular and immigrants. More rural areas in the city are beginning to grow in suburban areas as well. These suburban areas are more idealistic for farming areas, though. As the suburbanization grows and becomes more and more popular Tel Aviv will continue to grow moving closer to Jerusalem and Haifa.

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