P white affluent members of society would consume

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P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }Accordingto Lyman and Potter (2004:371) South Africa had involvement with drugtrafficking during apartheid, however it was not on a grand scale andwas extremely difficult to do due to South Africa tight bordercontrol and then eventually other countries boycotting South Africa.

Although white affluent members of society would consume cocaine andhallucinogens. ” In addition, South Africa has for some time been amajor source country for cannabis (dagga) most of which is exportedto Europe, North America and Asia.” Lyman and Potter (2004:371) SouthAfrica was effectively closed for business during apartheid withother countries creating a sanction. There were various forms ofsanctions, they could not play sport with other countries, tradingand investments were stopped. The country was condemned by the UnitedNations General Assembly on 06 November 1962, passing the Resolutions1761 ( Wikipedia ).

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When apartheid was finished in 1994 it createdspace for internationals to invest and encouraged international tradeonce more. This created a boom industry for criminals and one ofthose industries was drugs. Due to South Africa’s poorly trainedpolice service, sophisticated physical infrastructure, well developedfinancial institution that operated with few formal controls ( Dukein Lyman & Potter 2004:372 ) made South Africa a hotspot.SouthAfrican smugglers have been used by other countries for merchandisesuch as gemstones, currency, ivory, automobile and weapons.”According to Grove (In Lyman & Potter 2004:372), firmlyestablished South African smuggling syndicates have simply addeddrugs to the list of profitable contraband using well-establishedroutes and methods.” South Africa is the largest market forillicit drugs in the sub-Saharan Africa and still the trafficking anduse of drugs appears to be increasing with only a handful of drugmules being apprehended. Why is South Africa such a hot spot fortrafficking and drug use ? Onereason for trafficking is that South Africa is used as atrans-shipment point for drugs like cocaine and heroin that are ontheir way towards Europe, due to drug being smuggled through thecountry to other countries a portion stays locally within theborders, this one reason why there are more drugs in SA than everbefore(Kibble, 1998: Parry, 1997: Simon, 1998). Heroinin particular is sourced from Afghan, making its way towardsTanzania, Kenya and Mozambique it is then moved by land andeventually transported via air towards Europe mainly and USA.

“Methamphetamine, Methcathinone and Methaqualone are synthesised inSouth Africa from precursors imported primarily from India andChina”(IOL) Locally cannabis is produced on a large scale with 1300 tonnes being recorded for cultivation in 1997. This cultivationseems to happen mainly in the Eastern Province and Kwazulu Natal.Methaqualone ( Mandrax ) was thought to be the only drug synthesisedon a large scale in SA, with the first laboratory being seized in1987 with precursors to methaqualone worldwide being seized SouthAfrica consisted of 70%. OR Tambo International Airport or Durban port are believed to be theremost of the drugs come in the country and leave the country, thesetwo places are the busiest entry and exit points in South Africa.According to authorities there are over 1000 SA Citizens who areimprisoned overseas due to trafficking of drugs, Patricia Gerbernotes that it should be a priority to get these citizens back to findout more information on the drug routes and business in SA.Cannabisis mainly moved to Europe and is controlled by white South Africans,Methaqualone is consumed mainly by Indian and coloured communitiesand has spread towards the black community, Methaqualone lands up inSouth Africa, either directly from India or via Dubai and otherAfrican countries (UNODC, 19).

Ecstasy and LSD are predominantlywhite drugs and are find in the club scene, these drugs are mainlyimported from UK and Netherlands. (UNODC, 15) South Africa now rates9th out of the globe with regards to excstasy use and thehighest in Africa (UNODC, 23)Duringapartheid cocaine was exclusive for the wealthy white population.Crack cocaine however has become very popular and due to this cocaineis now imported directly to South Africa and not just as atrans-shipment route between Latin America and Europe. Cocaine inSouth Africa is thought of to be dominated by Nigerians since 1993(UNODC, 21)Thereare estimated to be over 700 syndicates that are operational withSouth African, half of those are expected to be in contact withinternational or African links.Marijuana,is the number one used illegal drug worldwide and in South Africa.

While South Africa is listed as the largest abusers of Mandrax,mixing with marijuana and smoking together. Nyaope is another drugfound in South Africa which is a mixture of Heroin, Marijuana andMethamphetamine.Nigeriansare well known in South Africa to be linked to drug trade and sextrafficking. The Nigerians are known to be peaceful and do not wantto fight and so they are generally not found among the areas like thecape flats, instead they set up shops in relatively wealthy areaslike Sea Point. From there they grew their business into Sextrafficking and Drugs. Nigerians started to come into South Africaafter apartheid, due to their own country being unsafe to live theylooked for safety in the now democratic new South Africa.

(UCTMigration of the Nigerian mafia ) Whatis the country doing to combat the drug trafficking and organizedcrime regarding drug in South Africa ? In February 1999 the NationalDrug Master Plan was initiated, there were various other drugimplementation plans however they failed to tackle the issuesregarding to drug problems in South Africa. The Master Plan wasdesigned to have a balanced approach, aiming for Law Enforcement totackle the availability of drugs and then also to decrease the demandof drugs within the country via prevention, treatment andrehabilitation. (UNODC, 30) This act makes dealing drugs punishableto 25 years maximum and 15 years for possession maximum.

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