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           Page #1Can a machine diagnose a human?Computer ScienceExperimental InvestigationWilliam Tran640 W. Scott St.Chicago, IL 606107thNurse Bot, TranPage #2Table of contentsAcknowledgments Page 3Purpose and Hypothesis Page 4Background Research Page 5Materials and Procedure Page 6Results Page 7Conclusion, Reflection, Application Page 8Reference List Page 9                       Page #3Acknowledgments I would like to thanks to  my parents because they gave  me the motivation,resources and love to make this project. I would also like to thank my cousin Hugo for encouraging me about coding at his wedding.

My last acknowledgement is going to the Lab coding program for getting me hooked on coding and learning new things about computer science.                        Page #4Nurse Bot, Tran My hypothesis is If a doctor can diagnose a human, then can a machine too?  I think that a machine can diagnose a human because they already have in hospitals such as children’s lurie and many others that use robots to create a analysis of a blood draw. In Tacoma Washington in the early days of March 2009 a woman went through a 11 hour surgery with a robot as a surgeon! This happened at St Joseph hospital which is a major hospital with a large reputation for being good at surgery. This proves that machines can help in a medical world and possibly perform more surgeries, if people become more trustful. According to the BGR google’s new AI is smarter than a human and can detect things that require more attention to detail. Google made this program by putting over 128 thousand images to make their algorithm.

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Even though this program does outperform regular doctors it is about at smart as a ophthalmologist. This also proves that machines can do better than doctors and be on par with highly decorated doctors. So I think based on this research programs will be able to diagnose humans accurately.

 My purpose is I want to prove that a machine can diagnose a human just as well as a human or better. I found out while testing that my theory is true and that a machine can diagnose a human accurately, for the most part. I tested this by using my own program that I coded and developed an algorithm for. Then I got my family and friends to use the program. Each person tested each disease based on what symptoms you would have if you had the illness. I made a table of what each person’s experience was and it came back with good results. I now know that machines/ programs can diagnose humansPage #5Background research  I chose the sources I chose because they were reliable and because they helped me. The first source I chose to help me out with my hypothesis was the New York Times article on how machines are in hospitals source NYT.

This article talks about how doctors are starting to rely on machines more and more. This relates to my project because I am testing if machines can                                           diagnose humans and this article is about how doctors use machines. Another source I used is how google’s AI is smarter than some doctors Google’s AI.

 This was sort of helpful in the fact it taught me how programs learned, but I already knew a bit about it. It did teach me about some things I could add to my program like picture learning. Sadly I do not have the hundreds of hours to implement that coding.

If I did have the time I would definitely implement these features to make this program much more accurate. The third link I used was about how machines use concept building to figure things out. For example if you taught them one thing they might use that to figure something else out.

We also use concept building in school, when we learned how to add we applied that to countless other things and so do machines. This article was helpful to me because it gave me ideas about how to make this program and how to implement a little bit of concept building. Also since this is my 3rd time using python coding I learned some lines from this video Helpful youtube video.  This helped me make a survey. It also made this project possible because without it I would have a blank screen with no code on it. When I was coding my program I wanted to make it like other machines and kid friendly so I read this article on  What machines are in hospitals.

 Without this source I would’ve never even had the program, Python website. Without that coding platform I would of never made my program. A coding platform is where you code a program and the  you can run it. Another tutorial I used was this one pLUg this one helped me learn how to do input/output which is important to my program. Without import/output there would be no way for you to answer a question or get an answer.

This article talks about how machines analyze peoples blood This helped me learn about how machines analyze people’s blood. Even though mine does not do that they have similarities like both being programs,medical work and diagnosing. This link shows how docters diagnose cancer Surprisingly that article was kind of hard to find.

This shows how doctors diagnose cancer. If I wanted to I think I could add basic cancer analysis,but that would take a long time. I used this link to help me see how doctors diagnose humans and what kinds of machines they used. Even though this is a really short article it tells me what symptoms are likely to appear in meningitis. https://www. This sets a bar for how I should describe the symptoms for meningitis which is the most serious illness in my program. On the other hand there is the cold which is the most common illness on my program. So this link will give me the correct symptoms for the cold and set the baseline.https://medlineplus.

gov/ency/article/000678.htm     Procedure and materials. My procedure was not thought about that much, when I made my procedure I was thinking about how I am supposed to program this. My procedure is, find a program that you think is trustworthy or make your own.

Then after that I tested my program and made sure it was up to my standards, I will go into what you should do if you found a random program at the end. After you test your program yourself you should go run the tests on other people and record that data and out it onto a board. If you found a program yourself run tests thoes will be very important in deciding whether the program is reliable or not. If it is not reliable I really suggest emailing the developers. If it is reliable record your data and put it onto a board.

Overall I think my procedure is simple but effective.  The materials I used were very simple I just used my computer to code. If you want to go above and beyond you can use a raspberry PI 3 which is a very simple computer that is about the size of a computer mouse. If  you do do this it might be a little harder to test your program.        SubjectphemoniacoldmeningitisinfluenzaDiarrheaPink eye1YYYNYN2YYYYNY3YNYYNY4YNYNYN5YYYNYY6YNNYNY7YYNYYN8910(Y)=yes the program diagnosed it right (N) the machine diagnosed the person wrong.That is my data that I recorded during testing.

As you can see there is a mixture between the machine getting it right and wrong. I hope to improve this soon so that I can get more accurate results. I would also like to test more people because this could give me a bigger idea on what my data is like. This table is very small and if it were to grow it would look more professional and would be more convincing. The reason Pneumonia has all Y’s is because there is a specific symptom that can diagnose Pneumonia, the symptom is when you breathe in it feels raspy and hard, I included a sound clip in the program.

I am very excited to see how this will compare to other devices like mine in the future. I assume it will be much better because it will be made by professionals instead of a measly 13 year old. I do think it will have AI learning and will base other things off past inputs and algorithms. For example if it got something wrong last time it will adapt to that and it will get it right next time.Conclusion, Reflection, Application My science fair project is about how a machine/program might be able to diagnose a human. This project will prove whether or not a simple program will be able to diagnose a human.

The third thing it is about is if machines can replace doctors?  If machines could replace doctor when would it be? The final thing my project is about is how technology is integrating itself all over the medical world.  Also I know that machines already diagnose blood and produce an analysis.Overall I want to test whether a machine can accurately diagnose a human.

Also I know that machines already diagnose blood and produce an analyze. This image shows an active surgery on a human being performed with robotic assistance. I wanted to find out whether or not a machine could diagnose a human. This is a widely discussed topic in the medical world that I wanted to test. I also want to figure out if people will actually trust a machine. I think a lot of people do not trust machines and that is a big reason why machines are not as big of an influence as they should be. Eventually in my opinion machines will be doing everything like in the movie wall-e. This is a interesting project for me because I really like to make things/ code and I like medicine so this interests both sides of me.

I tested my project by giving my program to multiple people and ran the survey. Each person did the survey and the survey tested for 7 illnesses. The illnesses were the cold,influenza,meningitis,pink eye,strep throat, bowel syndromes such as diarrhea and pneumonia. The program diagnosed you depending on what you score was. If your score was very low it would say you have no illness or a cold.

If your score was very high the machines would say Pneumonia or meningitis, the score was between 0-150.I think my test was very fair because people put in there own opinion about what symptoms they would have if they had a certain illness. Also people were very comfortable about answering honestly because I did not judge them. Overall the people I tested were able to read the questions right so they answered them right, right?I would not change anything about my experiment.

I would not change to material because all you need is a computer and I already have that so that is fine.I would not use a different procedure because I am not sure what other procedure I would use. I would of done more work early on in the experiment instead of waiting till the last week.I am curios about other machine/programs that diagnose humans. I know that my coding is very simple because I have had a limited timeframe, but I want to see what it would look like if I spent years coding it.Also I want to see how other people would code the program and what language they would use?This can be used in real life because nurses can use this instead of asking them questions. This would save time in socter offices because  nurses you have to pay regularly but this program is a one time fee and you have it forever.

Also this could be at houses too because.Since the world of science includes medicine this impacts the medical world. Compared to hospital gear my program is nothing. If you do think about all the struggles I went through writing writing the code such as, not knowing as much, being 13 not having a team of coders and the time I had. Also if the continuation of my testing goes well hospitals could use this in the hospitals and doctors offices. If I had the time I would put more effort into this and show it to my neighbor who is the owner of the hospital near my house.

I think that my program could also teach kids how to diagnose themselves. This connects to my life because I made the program. Another reason is I have been coding for more than 3 years. I also know lots of other kids in the world code including kids in this school. All the illnesses I have had and many other kids have also had them so that’s another way I relate to the project. The world has not yet developed a robot that can diagnose a human that can be deployed in home that know of.

In my opinion I would love to have a robot in my house that could tell me if I was sick or not instead of going to the doctor.My experiment teaches people how computers understand math. The coding in my project goes like this input means take the answer and store it in a variable.

When you take the variable that it is assigned to and give it a meaning you get an output. For example if I said yes to 1 and no to 2 then I could store it in this command called (variable)=(answers you put in for questions, this is what I said tally=’Q1′,’Q2′,’Q3′,’Q4′,’Q5,’Q6′,’. So if you read the script you will learn a lot about coding which I will be displaying at science fair.

If you only use the program though you will not learn that much, you have to look at the deeper meaning of what you input to to computer.Reference ListCommon cold. (n.

d.). doi:https://medlineplus.

gov/ency/article/000678.htmThis set the baseline for my program. It also showed me what kinds of symptoms colds showDigital diagnosis: intelligent machines do a better job than humans . (n.d.

).link-https://the’t panic, but Google’s AI is now smarter than human doctors … (n.d.).


html New York Times wrote this about machines seeing patients. (n.d.). doi:’t-panic-but-google’s-ai-is-now-smarter-than-human-doctors Dr. Machine Will See You Now .

.. (n.

d.).link- New York Times wrote this about machines seeing patients.How to make a quiz in python/helpful youtube video. (n.

d.). doi:https://www. taught me how to code in the Python language.How cancer is diagnosed. (n.

d.). doi:https://www. taught me how doctors diagnose a very serious disease and what they do to confirm it.Meningitis – Exams and Tests. (n.

d.). doi:https://www. set the bar for the most serious illness that is on my program. I also showed me the symptoms. Python website. (n.

d.). doi: is where I got the python coding platform to make my program!Python 3 beginners tutorial! (n.d.).

doi: is where I learned the basics of Python and how to use it.What is Medical Equipment and Types of Medical Equipment ? (n.d.

). doi:https://www.medventura.

com/health affairs/types-medical-equipment/This shows what kind and type of medical equipment are in hospitals.

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