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Reading and Analysis Problem statement Marketers are not keen on informing potential consumers about psychological benefits of green energy. They are just focused on environmental and utilitarian benefits only. Psychological benefits can play a vital role in the campaign for using green energy. When consumers learn about psychological benefits, they will be interested in venturing into green energy. There is a communication problem of the advertisements to potential consumers. There are three types of psychological benefits identified, and this research focuses on them. These benefits are self-expressive benefits, warm glow and nature experiences.

They showed different outcomes to consumers in the experiences (Hartmann & Apaolaza-Ibanez, 2012). Solomon (2009) supports that; consumer behavior is markedly influenced by psychology. Most people want brands with as many benefits as possible. If they learn there is a product with psychological benefits, they will tend to try that product. For instance, a large number of consumers were interested in the green energy brand because of its emotional benefit. Some people felt proud using it because they were preserving nature.

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Other felt the product made the self-expressive while others felt the warm glow. These consumers would feel at peace if they would use this brand. The result of this study is not limited to green energy producers. Other brands could utilize it by applying psychological benefits of their products in their advertisements (Grewal & Levy, 2010).

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