1. Jesus taught the parable of the Good Samaritan to show people how they should behave towards one another.The parable of the Good Samaritan is about a man traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho. While on his way he was mugged and stripped off his clothes, he was also very badly beaten. Because he wasn’t wearing any clothes it would have been impossible to identify his race or class but as the listeners were Jewish they likely would assume the man was a Jew.A priest walked by and saw the man, but continued along the other side of the road, as he didn’t want to risk defiling himself if the man wasn’t a Jew or was dead. A Levite man did exactly the same thing. A Samaritan came upon the man and helped him after cleaning his wounds and bandaging him he put him onto his donkey.

He took him to an Inn and paid the innkeeper two silver coins, he said he would return in a few days and pay off any other debt incurred.Jesus taught the Jewish people an important message through this parable, as they normally would not have had any dealing with Samaritans. He used the Samaritan to show us how we should treat others as we would want them to treat us. The parable showed his listeners that we should all show kindness to everyone no matter who they are and treat them like a neighbour.2.

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He also used the parable of the Lost Son and the Lost Sheep to show how God will forgive anyone even sinners. Jesus was accused by the Jewish religious leaders of eating with outcasts and sinners and he used the parable of the Lost Son to teach them a lesson about love and forgiveness.The parable of the Lost Son is about a son who asks for his inheritance early, he goes off and spends it all. A great famine occurred after he had spent all his money so he went to work for a man feeding his pigs. He became so hungry he wanted to eat the pig’s food. At this point he decided he would return to his father’s house and ask if he could become a slave. When his father saw him approaching he ran down the road to greet him, he hugged and kissed him.

He gave him the best robe, good sandals and an expensive ring. He ordered the prized fattened calf to be killed in order for a feast to be held to celebrate the return of his son. But the man’s other son was not happy about all the attention his younger brother was receiving. The father loved both of his sons but simply wanted to rejoice that one had been lost and was now found.Through this parable Jesus uses the Father to show us that God will forgive everyone who repents even outcasts and sinners. “God’s great love extends to all sinners, the honest as well as they hypocritical.

It endures humiliation. It exults joyously when there is true repentance.”3 Jesus also used the elder brother to represent the Jewish religious leaders who disliked the idea of God forgiving outcasts and sinners.3. Another parable used by Jesus was the Rich Man and Lazarus. This parable was used to show people how they should live their lives ie help those in need.This story was about a rich man and a poor man called Lazarus.

The rich man lived in luxury whereas Lazarus was so poor he lived outside the man’s house hoping to find some food. Lazarus was not a healthy man and he had lots of sores which even the street dogs licked. In the end both men died, Lazarus went to Heaven and the Rich Man went to Hell.Through this parable Jesus showed that you cannot take your riches with you when you die as they will be of no benefit and you can be punished because you have failed to actively help or show kindness to those in need. The rich man’s sin was that he didn’t care.

His character was used to represent people who refused to listen to the teachings of the scriptures and to show what would happen to them.

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