Paradox Literary Terms

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Last updated: May 3, 2019
An apparent contracdiction that is actually true; a statement whose two parts seem contradictory yet make sense with more thought

A figure of speech in which a speaker directly addresses an absent or dead person, an abstract quality, or something nonhuman as if it were present and capable of responding

A reference to a statement, person, place, event, or thing that is well-known from literature, history, religion, myth, politics, sports, science, or popular culture

A figure of speech that consists of saying less than what is really meant, or saying something with less force than is appropriate

Language that appeals to the senses

The Greek word for failure or error, to designate the false step that leads the protagonist in a tragedy to his or her downfall

tragic flaw
The defect of a character that brings about the protagonist’s downfall in a tragedy

A play, novel, or other narrative depicting serious and important events, and which the main character comes to an unhappy end; the central figure meets with disaster or great misfortune

Contradiction or contradictory ideas or words that are combined

static character
One who does not change much in the course of a story

dynamic character
One who changes in some important way as a result of the story’s action

flat characters
characters who have only one or two personality traits; they are one dimensional

round characters
Characters who have more dimensions to their personalities; they are complex, solid, a multifaceted, like real people

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