Parallel Plots

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Last updated: April 25, 2019
Parallel Plots
Path characters take to either meet up or split up somewhere in the story

Use of symbols to give meaning or represent something abstract by using a symbol that is concrete

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Metaphor/ Extended Metaphor
Metaphor: comparison of 2 unlike things, implies the comparison by stating one thing IS another thing.Extended Metaphor: Comparison between 2 unlike things that continues throughout a series of sentences in a paragraph or lines in a poem

A recurrent image,idea, or theme. Author may use an object, color, or emotion to enhance story he is trying to tell.

Authors choice of words taking into account correctness. clearness, and effectiveness.

Diction four levels
Formal: impersonal and elevated use of language. It is often characterized by complex words.Informal: Lang that is correct but conversational.

Type of lang used everyday.Colloquial: Refers to way things might be different to other parts. It is a local slang, accent.Slang: type of speech characterized by exaggeration or shortened words.

Stated: directly told to the reader by a character in the story or narrator.

Implied: revealed to the reader through the actions, thoughts, of the character.

Reflection of the attitude a writer takes toward a subject.Writers tone may be reflected through words, details that express emotion and bring out an emotional response from the reader.

The feeling or atmosphere that a writer creates in a literary work.

Author will choose words that appeal to the senses in order to create a feeling.

Contrast between what is expected or what appears to be and Actually is.

Verbal irony
Contrast between what is said and what is meant ( sarcasm)

Situational Irony
Refers to a happening/ event that is the opposite of what is expected or intended

Dramatic Irony
occurs when the reader knows something about a character or situation that the characters do not know

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