Paramount understood that now-a-days social media plays a

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Last updated: October 3, 2019

Paramount to success of any marketing strategy or public policy formulation is a comprehensive and exhaustive understanding of consumer or potential consumer. Consumer behavior is all about the way consumers buy and use the product and services. Understanding consumer behaviour is very important to know how potential customers will respond to a new product or service. This also helps in the effective marketing of the products.

Normally a good product is identified by the customer on basis of security, products’ recognition in the market etc. And it is also important to see that for a product to be successful in market it should have an effective advertisement. If the product is going to sold globally then the advertisement plays a major role in its success. That advertisement should not affect the emotions and culture of the consumer in that particular geographical area.

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 Good example a for a product failure due to lack of understanding the consumers in particular geographical is the coca cola’s run campaign where they showed a man was tired in hot sun, drinks Coca-Cola becomes energetic and runs. So, the problem with add is it showed it from left to right where as people in Arab countries write right to left. This lack basic understanding made the product unsuccessful and super flop in Arab countries.

It cannot be said that only advertisement decides the product’s success but it is also one of the important factor to be considered. It can also be clearly understood that now-a-days social media plays a vital role in influencing the consumers. Millions of people reflect their lives on social media, so information that can enrich several strands of consumer behaviour can be uncovered with the right tools.

What makes your product different from you competitor’s product is also an important factor. In daily life, consumers are being affected by many issues that are unique to their thought process. Psychological factors can include perception of a need or situation, the person’s ability to learn or understand information, and an individual’s attitude.

Each person will respond to a marketing message based on their perceptions and attitudes. Therefore, marketers must take these psychological factors into account when creating campaigns, ensuring that their campaign will appeal to their target audience. Consumer purchases are strongly influenced by cultural, social, personal, demographic and psychological characteristics. Although the marketing professional cannot control these factors, they need to be taken into account through the marketing and marketing research phases because of the important influences they play on decision-making. However, many marketers attempt to control for these variables by profiling their market into segments. In making a purchase, a consumer goes through a decision process consisting of problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and post-purchase behaviour.

The marketer must understand consumer behaviour at each stage of the process, and what influences are operating. And This helps the marketer to develop effective marketing programs for the target market.

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