Paris By Night

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She walked with those iron-heeled shoes and scarlet red overcoat. Oblivious of what the next few minuets had in store for her… her destiny. She approached a dirty and severely run down alley-way where she heard a death defying screech from beneath her, realizing that it was just a scruffy black ally cat she grinned and regained her calmness. The woman had gold shinny earrings that seemed to clash with her blood red coat, her hair was brown and positioned upright, her faced also seemed to be covered in a pale blusher, which made her face look a dead color.On her continued journey she walked at quite a pace through the winding brick ally-ways, as she walked passed the top pier over the river Sane, she walked unknowingly into a familiar face, a face which made even her stomach churn, she shivered in an eerie fashion.

The face brought back memories. The face was of a man, the man was wearing a long and protracted brown coat, which had a distinctive smell of brandy and other alcoholic beverages, and he wore no jewellery and had a femine face.The woman unheeding and unconscious that the next few moves she will make would become national news overnight.

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Three days previously… The woman worked for an extremely powerful businessman, this mans name is Mr.

J Mires, and he owned all of RJ Mires LTD The woman’s name was Clara Tempest, she was a high-class business Administrator working with her colleges in a crumbling IT Hardware Management company. The company was recovering from an allegation from a member of staff who claimed that the Hardware was not recommended, as it was not immune to the millennium bug.Because the year was 1999 anybody who was out looking for computers and other hardware products, they looked anywhere else but RJ Mires. RJ Mires had a written agreement with J’s Software who were the customers of their hardware but were forced to back because of this accusation.

This rainy Monday Clara seemed to be in a peevish and ill-humored mood; Clara was called up to the Bosses office on the 12th, floor the one from the top. Clara knew that Mr. Mires had employed her successor, a Mr. Paul Richardson, a young man with extra-ordinary qualifications exceeding Mrs.Tempests by far. Clara was a keep fit fanatic so nine times out of ten she took the Stairs rather than the lift.

But today as her moral was down her keep fit raceme was abolished and she decided that taking the lift was the best option. Clara stood for a moment glancing at the brown discolored lift, the lifts wear and tear level was constantly rising, just by looking at the tired lift she couldn’t have of anticipated what was going to happen to her in the next few minuets. She firmly pushed the chrome “lift UP” button to bring the lift from ground to her on the 6th floor.A cold silence hung in the air; it was suddenly broken by a loud bang that seemed to punch the closed doors of the lift. Clara didn’t seem to be disturbed or uneasy from this anonymous noise. Clara looked above her head at the small green screen showing the lift being hoisted from the ground floor. When the lift actually did reach the designated floor the doors opened to reveal a small-enclosed box with a fish like smell. Clara took a deep breath and began walking into the lift until she completely separated herself from the real world.

On entering the lift she now had a feeling that she shouldn’t be there, but she was frozen to the spot and unable to move at all. Her whole body seemed to be welded rigid to the spot leaving her feeble and venerable. She was forced to wait for the primitive lift doors to totally enclose and trap her in. The rusty noise of the cogs began to draw the doors together, slowly, a man saw the doors begging to close, he ran frantically towards the lift and its victim inside, the man squeezed through the doors into the lift.As the two brown doors shut the man heaved at an alarming rate. He was wearing a navy blue suit and a Christmas style tie, he looked very professional with his black hair combed back with an excessive amount of gel, he had designer black swade shoes, his face was smooth and unblemished.

He had brown eyes and a small moustache. The man looked at Clara kindly and said “hello, do you work here? ” Clara looked at him in a callous way, trying to keep herself to herself until she left the lift. She replied “well…

I used to” she looked to the ground and then at the screen. Why, what happened? ” The man said taking some interest in the woman’s misfortune, “you could say that some guy who I don’t even know has given me the sack” she looked into the mans eyes as she spoke. “Oh… I see do you know this mans name because I may know him.

“The mans thin body towered Clara at 6ft 9′, he wore thin glasses, in his hand seemed to be a heavy briefcase that the man had a firm grip on. “I think it’s a Paul or James Richardson, why are you into computing? ” Clara suddenly breaking out of the coma that she was in. Yes I am… but there is one problem…

well… erm” the man was uneasy and apprehensive; he began looking endlessly at the walls of the lift and avoiding eye contact with Clara.

“What’s the problem, is it me? ” She asked concerned of what the man was saying. The man opened his mouth ready to proceed when the lift jolted as it reached the 12th floor, there was an evil look upon Clara’s face as she anticipated her worst fears. The doors opened drawing in what felt like fresh air, the man fled hastily leaving Clara thinking the impending.She walked slowly, with her head down through the winding corridors until she reached door number 17, Mr. Mire’s office. She came storming into the room full of evil and spitefulness. Mr.

Mires was busy talking to a man wearing a navy suit and black hair styled in an unusual fashion roughly the same way as the man she previously met on the lift. She marched towards him in an army style fashion and grabbed on the man’s expensive suit, she pulled him up out of his seat by his collar area with her powerful left arm. Mr.Mires reluctantly stood up out of his comfortable leather office chair and shouted at the top of his voice “what on earth do you think your doing? Let this man go, immediately this is outrageous and down right inexcusable! ” Clara paused and looked at her boss and then to the man on her left, her eyebrows towered way above her eyes. She looked at the man, which she had her rigid left arm resting for a second time and then to Mr.

Mires. She finally laid her eyes back on the man that she had got her left arm securely fastened onto the scruff of his neck, she then eased her gripThe man stood before Clara’s judging image, she shown no emotion as she stared into the flimsy framed man’s eyes. Clara’s eyes were engulfed with rage and vexation. She stumbled slightly as she walked over to the lonesome man. “Clara? ” The man said at Clara, somewhat intrigued by her appearance. “What are you doing? ” Clara questioned, her voice sharp and strait to the point.

She followed this up with an over-powering firm push to the man’s slim and frail body. “I’m not doing anything” he replied anxiety was taking it’s within his mind.Again Clara pushed him on his shoulder, they stood and store at each other for a few punishing seconds until Clara echoed words of anger; “You are following me! ” the man looked at her as if the wall of his defense had been shattered by those four words. By now Clara had been able to tactically monover herself around the mans body, and ruthlessly she heaved him over the cold metal bars of the Pier. He struggled silently before he fell into the icy river. Clara peered over to see what had happened to the man’s skinny body, there was nothing but ripples on the chilly river.

A loud tumultuous noise moved over the iciness of the river, the noise to be of a large and bulky barge passing over the small canal. Clara inhaled deeply and looked over her shoulder to find at another man sharing an intimate moment with a woman as, they were kissing he looked at her, his eyes somewhat mystifying. She was in such a mood of discontent that she took no notice of the tall man. She walked away at a slow pace until she began jogging back through the ally-ways that she had already passed, she continually jogged for about two more minuets.Clara stopped to regain her breath out side the Coffee Cafe a common French Cafe, which catered for regular customers, she looked through the translucent glass window to see that the Cafe was completely empty and bare in this part of the Cafe. She walked until she came to the second window where in this part also had hardly any customers in. And the customers that were actually occupying the Cafe’s cheap plywood tables seemed to be all middle aged women all within the Smoking area, leaving the non smokers area un taken and hollow.Clara always wanted to be as friendly as possibly with the locals as possible and especially now.

She opened the small glass door to hear above her head a soothing and somewhat relaxing noise. A large chrome wind-chime was wavering above her large perfumed head. Clara peered at it, her eyes focusing on the shiny object, she smiled in an odd way as the wind-chime calmed her nerves but at the same time worsened her fears of being caught and convicted of either manslaughter or even a crime that Clara thought that in her books she would not ever be able to commit, such a crime as…

urder. As the chime sounded when she entered the Cafe the women peered through the mist of grey smoke from the cigarettes into Clara’s direction. Her heart raced frantically her breath was short still from the running that she done, it was as if everyone in that confined area of smokers knew what she had done and were reading her mind as she thought to herself.

She clasped her hand together and rubbed her rough fingers onto her sweaty palms.The women ceased all speech and nicotine intake to watch the newly arrives movements, it was as if a group of stone-age men had been shown a television and were watching it with curiosity and wonder. “Bonjour” Clara said her voice was croaky and worked. The reaction of the group of gathered women was still and unemotional as rock. There was a painful loud silence, which lasted seconds but seemed like minuets to hours to Clara. She turned her head to the left and her pupils dilated until she began to weave herself through the wooden table chairs.She reached a far corner in the non-smokers area, Clara thought that moving into a corner as far away as she could would some how help resolve the staring problem that the mature women had.

But this in fact worsened the problem, as now she was the focal point of the women to gorp at. As Mrs. Tempest was used to having waiters approach her and ask her what she would like to order, she assumed that the same would happen in this small 24-hour cafi??. Clara rested for about an hour in the cafi?? until she plucked the courage to go outside and expose herself.She walked slowly and curiously back through the winding ally-ways, which she originally came from. Walking back the ally-ways seemed colder and darker than they did an hour before.

She looked back, and again, reassuring herself that nobody was following her, she stepped up her pace. The iron Pierre where the incident happened laid before her, Clara walked towards it, her heart pumped as she approached the old iron railings. She rested her warm hands on the railings, shaking and quivering she clenched securely onto the rusted bars.She wanted to look over onto the river, but she couldn’t. She swallowed, Clara looked around to see if anybody was nobody in sight to assure herself that nobody was in hidden company she only took a quick and brief glance, the murky orange street lamps assured Clara even less of what was around her. She felt vulnerable and exposed.

Closing her eyes she leaned over slightly to take a momentary look at was beneath her. The quivering calm stretch of water seemed to be relaxed and tranquil, Clara raised herself back up and gave a sigh of relief followed by her unedged voice “wooah”.

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