Part 1: Self-reflection on Relationship

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Last updated: October 23, 2019

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Part 1: Self-reflection on Relationship I have been in the United States of America for only two years. It has been difficult especially after my arrival in the country due to the need to adapt to changes in terms of lifestyle, language, individual conduct as well as social relations with students, lecturers and the general community around the institution. Arrival in the United States was marked by shock due to the abrupt changes especially in terms of culture, which I was accustomed to in Saudi Arabia.

I have met many great individuals since I arrived here. One of these people, John, has become my best friend and he has helped me in settling down into this new community. I met him during the process of enrollment at the college and he assisted me in various ways. This was especially helpful, as I was not used to the American system of education.

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He helped me in filling out forms, as well as in moving around in a new environment that I was not accustomed to. Social interactions in the school were difficult because of the presence of barriers evident between students. This is because the institution is mainly made up of individuals drawn from many countries around the world. However, having a friend like John has helped a lot since he explains some of differences that we have in our cultures and religion.

Essentially individuals who are drawn from many countries around the world encourage the presence of diversity in terms of thinking and interactions with one another. In addition, it is essential in the modern society for schools to ensure multiculturalism as it diminishes the possibility of bias. Part 2: Changes in Habit 1. As an individual with firm and deep-rooted faith, I have been able to interact with individuals of the same caliber. In addition, I have learnt of the essence of ensuring the presence of respect among individuals in the daily interactions with theme especially in terms of respecting their individual religions. Religion could be a source of unification as well as a source of conflict. Hence, it is essential to treated on such matters with the utmost respect. 2.

I have been able to understand of the need to engage in social interactions with people. This is essential as it enables me as an individual to learn more about the various cultures as well as increase my social skills. This is essential in the workplace as it accrues the ability to interact with colleagues as well as the clients; hence, it is essential for my career. 3. Living with other people who are unfamiliar and have cultures as well as habits, which do not conform to the individual religion and culture is difficult. Hence, I have learnt the need for perseverance and acceptance of the presence of diversity in terms of the lack of conformity with other cultures and religions. 4. Moreover, I have been able to adjust to a new diet.

This has been an issue, as some foods are not consumed on a greater scale in Saudi Arabia. The food in the United States is different in terms of taste and largely due to religious foods. However, this has not been a challenge as some foods are already sold in many cities, in Saudi Arabia.

5. I have also been able to accept the accommodation and style of sleep assumed in America. In Saudi Arabia, I was used to sleeping in an individual room, however, given that am a student coupled by limited space in the institution, I have been able to adjust. I find it easier to live with other people due to living in large numbers together. It essentially has increased my ability to socialize with other people. 6.

I have been able to accrue a sense of responsibility as well as an increase in my ability to account for my finances. This has been facilitated by my interests in business as well as independence in terms of my expenses.

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