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. This agency  have made a clear impact on workers lives around the globe. The ILO aims at achieving decent work , job-related security and dignity  for both men and women workers which is achieved with the contribution of  Professional work and employment experts along with the 100 years of experience  helping workers and promoting their rights despite their status or nationality. Establishing  international policies, devising programmes and  building a special system to implement these standards are all examples of approaches taken by the ILO to enhance employment opportunities and promote basic human rights besides the research and countless statistics and surveys conducted by the ILO which were essential to the success of all the efforts made and helped in advancing the application of such principles. ILO also developed policies and instruments aimed at protecting migrant workers specifically  such as the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families .

By 2011 ,189 conventions were adopted that addressed migrant workers in particular.• Iwhich deals with migration and other related issues. maximizing the benefits of both the countries of origin, destination, and most importantly the migrant workers themselves are on top its agenda.

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moreover endorsing social integration of migrant workers , assisting the development of  effective migration policies , legislations and administrative structures are all some of IOM’s objectives. IOM also implements programmes in 70 different countries to benefit migrant workers and their families .• The objective of this organization is to defend human rights and eradicate injustice by pressing governments and institutions to protect those vulnerable individuals and promote human rights. This organization provides accurate and reliable facts and reports that spot the light on the current situation of workers and investigate abuses which  provides great assistance in determining root causes and finding solutions;  it also uses social media to turn the eyes on  human rights violations and calls upon governments this issue.

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