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Last updated: September 9, 2019

Partnering with ‘Canadian Hearing Society’ – Viable – Yes / No?In the true spirits of our commitment to promoting philanthropy and imbibing a culture of giving back to the society, partnering with CHS is definitely a viable choice.

This will also lay foundation for us to reach out to those sections of the society who are culturally / oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing and make a difference in their lives. This would also result in goodwill for the college by achieving the philanthropic goals clubbed with touching lives and bringing about a life-changing impact on people Legitimate OrganizationWith 24 widespread offices throughout the length and breadth of the province of Ontario, providing service to the deaf community, Canadian Hearing Society is no doubt a legitimate organization. Incepted more than 77 years, CHS has worked constantly in devising products and services to better hearing health and bring about an equitable position for the lesser privileged.

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Their ultimate Strategic goal for the 2017-2020 is to enhance and bring about a new leadership at a national level. This is testimony to the fact that CHS is a legitimate organization.  BenefitsNot all benefits are always tangible / measurable. There is no measure to quantify the sense of good feeling that would spring from being partnering and supporting the noble cause envisaged by an organization like Canadian Hearing Society. Though not measurable, a few benefits would namely be:? The college’s good will and reputation will increase manifold in terms of a strong message being passed to the community? It also sets an example for others to follow? Helps achieve our philanthropic and business goals.? Opportunities such as this also help satisfy your tax and financial targets.

AlignmentThe Canadian Hearing Society Vision statement is as below: To be the leading organization serving Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians by advancing a barrier-free society.The Canadian Hearing Society Mission statement is as below:To provide industry-leading services and products that enable Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians to overcome barriers to participation.President Ron Common states the vision of Sault College’s goals as below:The vision of Sault College is to make our society a better place by providing a transformative life experience through empowering those who study with us to think and learn in progressive, innovative ways, including those we have not yet imagined.

It is quite evident and easy to draw a conclusion that the Vision of our college is aligned to that of the CHS and therefore a congruency is clearly visible.Employee SupportIt is engraved in the DNA of Sault College, as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility to give back to the lesser privileged sections of the society. It is no surprise that Sault College is labelled as a Charitable Organization. It is also in this context that Sault College operates the Planned giving, Named Gifts, etc which is the way Sault College employee are encouraged to express their solidarity to social causes.Reputation and ImageWhat more impact can Sault College make / bring about than giving back to the society? There is absolutely no doubt that this partnership creates enough and more opportunities for us to touch people’s lives. This deliberate effort of Sault College, to bring about a difference, in turn would increase the reputation and goodwill of Sault College manifold.

Tasteful PublicityAs stated earlier Sault College instills in its students and staff the spirit of reciprocity to the lesser privileged people. The publicity this would create in the media and the minds of people would create a tasteful publicity of the virtues upheld by Sault College. This would definitely prove to be a milestone in the Give- back culture, reputation and goodwill of the college.OffensiveOn careful scrutiny there is nothing offensive that I could find about the proposal to partner with CHS as it aims to uplift and promote a culture of equity and support to the culturally deaf, oral deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing members of the society.

I am sure that this proposal would definitely not fall on deaf ears and look forward to whole-hearted support from PR department.Cost BenefitCHS donations are represented or symbolized by Butterfly Societies, chosen deliberately because the butterflies are deaf too.  Butterfly Societies at different giving levels ranging in units of $500, $1,000,$2500,$5,000 and $10,000. We have the satisfaction of  seeing our gifts being utilized for the betterment of deaf community thereby benefitting the needy.Social Return on Investment-SROIUnlike conventional financial accounts that can extrapolate the Return on Investment made on a financial investment, it is slightly difficult to calculate the SROI on this case however the impact this venture brings on the table is beyond all measure.

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