PASSHE -APSCUF Collective Bargaining Agreement

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Last updated: October 23, 2019

PASSHE -APSCUF Collective Bargaining Agreement Name: Course: Date: PASSHE -APSCUF Collective Bargaining Agreement Collective bargaining is a procedure of deliberations between companies and a section of workers with the objective of reaching a favorable conclusion that controls the operational conditions. The demands of the workers are frequently tabled by delegates of a trade union to which the workers are members. The collective agreements arrived at by these deliberations more often than not thrash out matters concerning wage brackets, operating hours, training, wellbeing and security, methods of relaying complaints, and constitutional rights to partake in the workplace or corporation affairs.

In February 2013, the negotiation boards of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) collectively passed a tentative contract agreement with PASSHE (Thornton, 2013). The APSCUF representatives were to support the tentative agreement in the national assembly later in the week. The four-year contract contained a compensation package that was fashioned on the national model, alterations to the health care plan, including improved service such as emergency room visits, and lower costs for prescription medications (Mahooney, 2013). Contract Assessment Matrix CHANGES IMPACTS PROVISIONS HealthIncrease in paymentsActs as a neutralizing effect to the increase in salaries and making the overall effect negligible.

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Employees will still pester management for increased healthcare terms.SalarySlight increase over a period of two years (>1.7%)The slight increase will not necessarily result in increased motivation or productivity because when computed against the Consumer Price Index rate, it was insignificant.Work rules & governanceConsideration of class sizeExpected to have a massive impact on the productivity and efficiency of instructors (staff)Professional development fundSignificantly improvedEmployees see an opportunity for advancement, and this improves the relationship with the management.

Job descriptionIncrease in teaching loadStrong resistance because of constant pay and increased workload. Detrimental to productivity.

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