“Passion, me plenty of time to think about my

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Last updated: August 12, 2019

“Passion, patience, perseverance. You have to do this if you’ve got to be a filmmaker.” A quote by American director Robert Wise, and a quote I completely agree with. From my time studying film as an A- level, I understand the importance of having these three characteristics, and I strongly believe that I possess each of them. During my time in college, I have gained a vast knowledge, learning how much there is to think about with every shot; from continuity, to mise en scene, and the technical skills needed for editing.

But I do not want to stop there, and I am excited to develop and challenge myself further. Films have always played a significant role in my life, from spending countless hours of my childhood years watching classics with my Grandad, up until much more recently in which I have developed my own taste and passion. Ever since I came across the technical precision of Wes Anderson and his cinematographer Robert Yeoman, I was immediately excited and intrigued by his intricate attention to detail and individual style. Although I finshed college in the summer of 2017 I did not feel ready for university, and instead I decided to take a gap year in which I worked full time in Tesco.

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This experience has helped to improve my confidence and my people skills greatly. I now feel that I have the maturity to succeed in University. This year also gave me plenty of time to think about my plans for the future, and has helped me to realise that a career in film is where my dream lies.During my 2 years of film studies I particularly enjoyed the practical elements of the subject especially the camerawork and editing.

I was part of a team who entered and won a film competition about current issues experienced by young people, with our film focusing on the subject of depression. (World Skills?) I was also awarded best cinematography for a short film my partner and I created, in the College end of year Film and Media department awards. In addition to my interest in film, I like to keep fit by regularly attending the gym. I am also a keen sports player, and I have been fortunate enough to captain the Wrexham under 18 basketball team, in a year in which we made it through to the Welsh Finals. From the role that I played I have learnt both the importance of teamwork and communication, and I have also learnt how to lead, and deal with the pressure of everyone looking to me for guidance.

I feel that these skills are very important in both the film industry, and also in University.However, I am aware of the limitations of my self- education. In my time at college I used software such as Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe audition, but I know that this is only scratching the surface in terms of technology.

I am sure this course will allow me to open up a world of possibilities for the future, and this is an experience that I am excited to be entering into. The idea that I will be able to study a subject that I occupy so much of my time with, but also learn and develop as a filmmaker excites me.

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